Dec 29, 2007


I Love this potholder, it needs to be blocked so it is flat and straight but I love it. I recycled an old shirt that does not fit me. Dont you love the design! I also recycled an old potholder to stuff it so yay me! I made 1 new thing out of 2 old things. (I love to recycle) I will be making many more of these Im sure!

Dec 28, 2007


here is my list for 2008
cleaning/declutter - cut everything down to by 50% (excluding yarn-lol)
organize closets and keep them that way
go through file cabnet and toss the junk

simple cleaning: do dishes daily
wash floors once a week
make my bed daily

start preschool homeschool on jan 8th
research more about longtearm homeschooling

buy better quality things so i dont have to re buy things or buy a few of the same
buy homemade make homemade
start a work at home store online by selling my knit and sewn items and paper crafts
stop buying things with only 1 use or limited use

for the enviroment
figure out how to compost in my small no yard apopartment (for low cost)
stop buying disposable razors
when i print patterns do lose them and reprint (start a pattern binder)
knit more dishcloths so justin stops using papertowels (thanks dad (gary) but we dont need them)
find a use for all those greeting cards ive been given (turn them into something cool)

****things Ive compleated*****

-cleaned filing cabnet
-cleaned out downstairs closet and donated and threw out a lot

Dec 27, 2007

by the way

I did end up finishing that other sock but I'm frogging that fetching pattern I'm just bummed by it.


sorry for swearing but every time I finish knitting something I cant show it off. Sure I can scan it but that does not give it any dignity. I started knitting longies for Gavin (for those of you not "in the know" they are pants for cloth diapering to go over the diapers) anyway I love longies and even thought Gavin is potty trained I wanted to make him a pair. But I can never knit anything that takes more then a few days so before I even go to the crotch I ended up turning them into a hat. The hat ended up being super cute Ill have to share the pattern when I can post a picture that shows its true colors! someday soon Ill get a camera.

Dec 20, 2007

2 half finished projects

Here is a sock i knit for Gavin and a picture of fetching I was talking about the other day. The other sock will be completed tonight and as for fetching (Zzz) I'm not sure how much I like it. Anyway I have knit so much lately but with a broken camera haven't been able to post pictures. These i scanned on I wish I could show off all the other things Ive made.

Dec 17, 2007

my obsessive problem

Yes I have been warned, but did I listen NO. And now all of you who have warned me are right. I am obsessed with ravelry and cant stop myself. Just keep searching, looking for more and more patterns and ignoring the hat I have on the needles. I keep saying OHHHHH I have to start that now ohh wait, I want to knit that but I still have this darn hat for Jodie on the needles and I must get it done. So now Im going to stop writing about it and get my ass to work! maybe I can get it done buy tomorrow night... Ill keep you posted!

Dec 16, 2007

watch this

look at my kids go...........

Dec 15, 2007


So last week I started fetching for those unsure here's a picture so I did mine in purple yummy yarn very similar to the yarn suggested and the color is nice and the idea is nice I just wish the fit was tighter. Anyone make these what do you think? I never started the second because I'm a bit bummed maybe i should knit them on smaller needles then suggested epically since I'm a very small girl with very small wrists and thin hands. Anyway just thought Id share some disappointment.

Dec 14, 2007


wow! I love watching my kids roll in the snow and throw snowballs. Something about it is calming really. They have so much fun and I can see it in their little faces their just filled with joy and excitement.

Today i watched Gavin try to carry a snowball that was bigger then his head he was walking all lopsided and all I could see was 2 eyes peaking over it. What a silly sight it was.

We went for a walk in the sled and this year it is so much heavier then it was last year.I put the rope around my body and that made it much easier. For some reason Lily thought it was funny and kept saying "silly, silly" . Anyway we had a ton of fun today! Just wanted to share it.

Dec 12, 2007

my wish list

ok im adding a few things to my wish list here because sopmething is wrong with my pc and it wont let me put it over on the side ---------------------------------------->>
and I don't want to forget these things (hence the reason I post them here) when i can fix the problem i will take this off and add it to the list- and check things off as i buy them.

this shirt in green and size xs

this size xs gray or green

these size small

this in white dandelion

this in small

this should be first on my list

and this too

ok so now ive waisted nap time and gavin is saying mommy (this is what i do when im bored look for things I want its not a good cycle)

Dec 8, 2007

nothing much again

so i had too much to drink so if this makes no sence im sorry. tonight we went ot a birthday party and i drank a few beers and some liquer. we had fun! i know latlkey there have been some things i wantend to rite aboiut but right now i cant think of them, ugh . i know im typing bad but i, on like #7 and a little tipsy. ill try again tomorrow

Dec 1, 2007

It december

Ok so it is 1:36am everyone is sleeping but me. I am wide awake. Thanks to the nap I took today. Latkey I have been exausted because I have been taking care of Levi everyday and have to wake up at 7:3o am. Im not used to that my kids dont wake up until 9 usually.

Anyway today Justin and my dad went and got a christmas tree and the kids were so excited. It was funny though because they seamed more excited about papa then the tree. But we ended up decorating the tree which was tons of fun. Lily kept just laying the decorations on while gavin was very specific about where he put his. I wish I had pictures but If you remember I HAVE NOW CAMERA, Tomorrow we are going to take the kids to a John Gilamore concert. They will be thrilled. The last time we went i only took Gavin but the music is great. John is from Vermont! and s\he is awsome and gets the kids really involved. It should be a ton more fun now that the kids actullay recognize his songs. I think they will be very suprised so that should be fun. Then we are coming home and baking cookies. Gavin has been bugging to cook a lot latley weve made cookies, playdough, and 2 dinners together so now we are going to make more cookies its christmas and yes im making them whole wheat (yum)

I finished a skirt for lily today (knit) and it is so pretty she will wear it tomorrow i cant wait till i can post a pic and show it off, I made it have a drawstring with red and green pompoms for x-mas. then after x-mas ill just cut them off and put another color- so she an wear it all year!

ok im off to bed its late and my butt hurts for sitting here i was spending too much time on ravelry oops. lol

Nov 29, 2007

im back

Ok, so I know I have been slacking on here but.. ever since my camera has been broken I have been so bummed that I cant load pictures. I have compleated many knittin gprojects and cant show them off. AHHH. I made a dino for Gavin for x-mas, a tank for lily, a skirt for lily, a present for dad, and a hat for myself. all since november 8th wow. 2 days ago I got invited to join ravlery and have been glued to it. What a wonderful knitting world it is! My knitting list has grown pages I cant knit fast enough.

On to another subject... Today we wrote our letters to santa. Gavin asked for a trumpet, guitar, and drums. ( he loves music) so he is going to get all of those things because he is spoiled. I found the perfect trumpet and we are getting the new guitar because his other one broke and for some reason he just does not like the electric as much ( by the way he is only 2 3/4 years old).
I dident know what Lily wanted shes so young. I worte she wanted a doll made by the elves because she dident want it made in china. lol. I hope santa gets a laugh there. Anyway we sealed them and walked to the mail box and the kids put them in the slot. They should be thrilled when they get letters back!

Oh my it is 1 am i should go to bed. I just felt like I should post something since its been awhile.

Nov 8, 2007


I dont know if anger is the right feeling. Justin said "he's just a kid, kids do that stuff" and I know they do but now we have to replace my camera AGAIN because of him. The first one he threw at the cabnet, this time.... in the dish water. Everything went down hill from their. Lily cried about everything nonstop for about an hour and a half. Mostley because she kept climbing on things and I had to take them away. Gavin kept dumping out the toy bins making a huge mess because he was pretending they were buildings in his make believe car town. Then Lily pulled off her diper somehow and got her poo everywhere. Needless to say i was reading their bedtime story at 7:20. It was a stressful night. As for the camera, it wont even turn on. I hope I can at least salvage the memory card so we dont have to buy a new one of those too. I did load all the pictures on my pc last night so I did not lose anything, thats one good thing that came out of it. So I guess now im going camera searching. Even though Im a bit ticked and we dont really have the money (at all) for a new camera I really need one and I'm kinda excited to get a new one. Ug I feel a little better after writing this down. I think now ill waste some time looking at craft blogs and knitting patterns. ahhh that will relax me.

their finished

Their finished are'nt the pretty. lol

I just have to add this picture of Gavin his imagination has been soring latley and it is so amazing to watch.

and one more thing thi is one of those things i cherish so much. Everything about days like this make me so happy. these picture were taken a few weeks back but I still must share them- this is why I love fall and vermont......

Nov 7, 2007

happy b-day

Happy birthday my dear brother. I think of you daily.

Nov 4, 2007


I am so excited. I finally made a sock. I was so nervous about knitting a scok because of its complexity I tired three times to make this sock from a pattern on lion brand. I got the yarn and was going to make tons for the kids to wear well after 3 attempts i gave up and used silver socks pattern! And I got it! these are the coolest most comfortable socks ever I ended up using the yarn that was supposed to be for the kids socks. Looks like I will have to order more!!! i cant wait to do the other one!

Oct 31, 2007

Update on Gavins lip

here is what it look like today

Oct 30, 2007

That BItch

Well here is my poor son suffering from somone elses stupidity. Let me ask you this if you see a kid running as fast as he can with a big metal tonka truck would you stick your leg out in frount of him to stop him? NO because you know what would happen. poor Gavin flipped over his truck and smashed his face in the pavement, his tooth went through his lip. so I guess tomorrow he truley will look like a monstar man for halloween.

Oct 25, 2007

The little things

I knit this doll for Lily yesterday it did not take long at all and I love every stick of the darn thing

it is so freakin cute... Lily loves it too she calls it her "Baby girl"

it makes me sick

here is a recent list of toy recalls thankfully our family has not had to get rid of too many things however we did have to get rid of a few thomas trains and our easel which gavin was really sad about I guess we need to find a wooden one. Anyway here is the list and go through your toys....

oh and as a saftey id suggest NO MORE CHINA TOYS EVER (so please dont give us any for any reason)

New Recalls for 10/25/07Halloween Pails (lead) - Dollar Store 10/25:
Football Bobble Head Cake Toppers (lead) 10/25:
More Jo Ann’s Garden Tools (lead) 10/25:
Diego Toy Boat (Lead) 10/25:
Dollar Tree Metal Jewelry (lead) 10/25:
Shrek & Spiderman Metal Jewelry (lead) 10/25:
Cars Game Pieces (magnets) 10/25:
Guidecraft Tabletop Puppet Theatre 10/17:
Cool Clip & Mini Cool Clip Bookmarks 10/17:
Skull Halloween Pails 10/17:
Bendable Dinosaur Toys (10/11) -
Travel Art Sets (10/11) -
Winnie The Pooh Playsets (10/11) -
Deluxe Art Sets (10/11) -
Breyer Stirrup Ornaments (10/11) -
Jeff Gordon Mini Helmets (10/11) -
Cub Scouts Totem Badges (10/9) -
Sports Authority Aluminum Water Bottles (10/4) -
Bookmarks & Journals (10/4) -
Key Chain’s (10/4) -
Baby Einstein Color Blocks (10/4) -
Children’s Decorating Kits (10/4) -
Dollar General Tumblers (Frankenstein) (10/4) -
Pirates of the Caribbean Flash Lights (10/4) -
KB Toys Wooden Toys (10/4) -
Guidecraft Puppet Theatre (9/26):
Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Toys (9/26):
Toby N.Y.C. Children’s Metal Jewelry (9/26):
Children’s Spinning Wheel Metal Necklaces (9/26):
Children’s Toy Rakes (9/26):
RC2 Toy Knights (9/26):
Target Children’s Gardening Tools & Chair (9/26):
Barbie Accessory Toys (lead) 9/4:
Geo Trax Locomotive Toys (9/4):
Bongo Band Toys (9/4):
Toys R Us Paint Recall:
Rubber Duck Watering Can (lead):
Caterpillar Boots (electrical shock risk):
Sponge Bob Address Books & Journals (lead):
Thomas & Curious George Spinning Tops & Pails (lead):
Children’s Charm Bracelets (lead):
Children’s Jewelry (lead):
Polly Pocket Magnet Recall (magnets):
Fisher Price Character Toys (lead):
Doggie Day Care Magnetic Toys (magnets):
Barbie & Tanner Magnetic Toys (magnets):
“Sarge” Toy Cars (lead):
Batman Action Figures (magnets):
Hampton Magnetic Train (lead):
Walmart Earings (lead):
Soldier Bear (dinosarus & hero’s) Toy Sets (lead):
Children’s Metal Jewelry (lead):
Mag Sticks Magnetic Building Sets (magnets):
Children’s Necklaces (lead):
Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Toys (lead):
Kmart Silver Stud Earrings (lead):
Flashing Eyeball Toy (kerosene!):
Limited Too & Justice Stores Jewelry (lead):
Toy Drums (lead):
Troy Bilt Children’s Gardening Gloves (lead):
Children’s Rings (lead)(think quarter machine):
More Chilren’s Metal Jewelry (lead):
Vinyl Baby Bibs (lead):
Anima Bamboo Collection Game (lead):
Children’s Necklaces - Oriental Trading Co (lead):
Children’s Take Apart Townhouse Toys (magnets):
Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets (magnets):
Stuffed Ball Toys (lead):
Children’s Mood Necklaces (lead):
Claire’s Necklaces (lead):
Accesories Palace Necklaces (lead):
Two Sided Easels (lead):
Big Lots Children’s Rings (lead):
Kmart Children’s Jewlery (lead):
Samara Brothers Boy’s Jackets (lead):
Children’s Bracelets (lead):
Kidz Children’s Rings (lead):
Dillard’s Two Piece Overalls (lead):

Oct 13, 2007

I stole
i Lied
I cheated
I faked it
I burned it
I cut it
I lost it
I broke a promise
I regret it
I took it back
I forgot

all of these are in my past and i will not go to your so called hell when i die because of them . I will be put back into the earth. No pne person is perfect no one person is truly honest with themself or with others. Everybody regrets something.

Oct 4, 2007


Its funny to me that still after 4 years i get those butterflies in my stomach around Justin. Like tonight Im waiting for him to get home and keep thinking about how our anniversary is coming up. I dont even know how to explain what love feels like true love ya know. Its so difficult to explain. He honestly makes my heart throb. I may get annoyed and even mad at him sometimes but i always feel so stupid after like why did I just wast my time getting mad about THAT.We have not fought in a year at lest I mean yeah we bicker once in a while but havent fought for at least a year and when we did it was because fo wedding stress. Our relationship is so wonderful I am so happy with him and my family and my life. I feel like I am so lucky. When I was young I thought for sure I would never be lucky enough to find a man who loved me and respected me. I thought I would grow old alone and maybe be lucky to have a child or two.
No I have my husband and my two kids my life is so wonderful. I am so happy. I hate to go on and on but Im really just trying to get my feelings out of my head. I love telling him sweet things, leaving him notes for in the morning, and even cooking him dinner. I love doing things for him because I want to spoil him when I can. He is a wonderful man. I know I choose well.

Oct 3, 2007

Ruled by "the man"

my poor poor husband has finally had enough. He asked to have our anniversary off and "the man" is making him work. This is our first anniversary. Justin is angry not just because of this but because anytime he needs something he gets "f"ed over. Another example is he asked for the week before christmas to take his vacation he is supposed to have 2 weeks he only took one and "the man" says he has no days left. Justin is fed up and is seriousley thinking of giving him 2 weeks notice. Obviousley I understand hes sick of working there hes been there 7 years and has hated it more each day. However im worried about this. I know he has a few other jobs he can manover around but im worried he will be working on and off all the time. Thats a very scarry thought. So now Im even more determinded to start making and selling some of my knitting and crafts. I know its not a huge buisness but it should bring in some money and help out a little. They only reason Justin is still at that crap hole is because it is a steady job and with a family you need that.not having much money is one thing but having none is what im worried about.

Sep 24, 2007

my search is over

I have been searching for such a long time for a bag to store my knitting in when i take it places as i often do. I cant believe the prices or the beauty of some of the bags out there I've seen them at over 150$ wow. But i finally found a bag that is affordable and that I love. It will certanly be added to my christmas list- hint hint everyone!

heres the link it the bag down. I want it in the maroon patchwork madras it is so pretty. mext ill be looking for a needle case to go with it maybe that site has a matching one- he he the joys of knitting! link -->Denim Patchwork Madras

Sep 22, 2007

good times

here are the kids gavin at 15 months and now lily at 15 months i swear i did not plan this it just happened!

My new addition!

check it out - if you click the picture you can see it better

this is the second time ive gotten my lip pierced for some reason i just love it. took it out the frist time because Justin said he dident like it now he says it sexy GO FIGURE

Sep 8, 2007


Yes we have been busy- let me start by saying Ouch I broke my tail bone aw eek back trying to teach Lily how to do a somersault. I know I know such a simple thing but i ended up not going straight and went and slammed my ass end right into the metal bar on the pack and play. so lets just say it hurts and I'm sitting on one of those donut pillows feeling like an idiot. I finally went to the Dr. after incredible pain Tuesday and she told me tail bones have to break themselves again in order to heal right. All I can say is ouch.

So in better news I got my mei tai and love it. well worth every penny this is a picture of me trying it out....
Here is another picture of Gavin and I digging for dinosaur bones at echo however in this pic you cant see Gavin. echo is another place we went this week. While there I fell in love with the tomato frog if you have never see one look it up they are SO cool and move like humans however humans don't normally hop but you get the point.
so here is a picture of Gavin diggingwe also went to the farmers market and got some scrumptious food! Spent about $30 but its well worth it Look at those tomatoes.

as for knitting I have been working of a few things fruits and veggies for the kids play kitchen for Christmas and a kimono for Gavin I will also make a matching one for Lily! So keep checking for knitting photos coming soon!

Sep 4, 2007

not much to say

i sit here tonight writing while my dear husband is behind me playing tom petty on the guitar it sounds so pretty he makes me so proud. I never write about him but as I sit here and all I can do is think of him. He really is a sweet man. He the man that cant leave without a kiss or end a phone call in a fight, hes the man i cant leave on the couch if he falls asleep before i go to bed. I love this man. We have been married for almost a year now, our relationship is now stronger then it ever was before. I am so happy we are doing so great. Before we got married I really was worried we would be miserable in our life but I still went on and married him. now i realize all that doubt was just wedding worries and stress. He truley is my best friend and a super bed buddy (he he). crap he turned of the lights better hop in bed. be back another time.

we will be starting pre k homeschool on monday sept. 10th!

Aug 31, 2007

let me spell it out for you all

i am not going to explain why we have decided this i dont feel i need to and if you dont understand im sorry but yes we WILL be homeschooling our children yes both of them and probably will be until they are in college if any of you (friends, and family) have any questions about it just ask but im putting it out there beause everyone keeps asking me if we are homeschooling so yes we are!

Aug 23, 2007

Welcome to my morning's

Good morning Mommy, dont ask me when Gavin did this or why really but he ended up taking the diapers out of the bucket (the ones waiting for washing) and threw them in the toilet. It was a little bit funny but digging them out was not. Some how he managed to stuff 3 training dipes, and 6 fuzzi bunz in the toilet bowl. He told me "I washed the poop!" I contd say anyuthing but "Thanks" it was just too silly.

Today is one of those lazy days, Im hungry and bored, the kids are in crankie moods and I have no clue why. All I can think is to bring them outside and let them run free. That always works.

Last night the kids enjoyed Ben and Jerrys (gotta love all natural vanilla made right here in VT) I remember when I was a kid In the summer my parents would sometimes take us on the porch to enjoy our desert. I loved it, Im not really sure why it was so much more fun I think the outdoors and quality family time is what made it a blast. So I decided to do it with my kiddos. They rarley get dissert so thats a big deal anyway. They thought it was fun but they woundent sit down. Oh well it was fun and we washed up in the sprinkley after!

Aug 18, 2007

ok I have not compleated my mission

so my living room is not done hence the reason I have not posted the "finished" pictures, I just cant decide how to put it. The way I have it now makes my small living room look tiny and feel tiny so the mission is still on I have a feeling it wont look much different when I'm done then from when I started.

Some exciting news is we went and collected some monarch caterpillars yesterday and got about 5 today one is already hanging in a "J" which means it will be a cocoon soon! we are thrilled. Maybe this year well actually get a monarch or 2. Ill be posting pictures once I find my damn camera. I lost it in the living room cleaning.

Today was cold only 65 we all wore pants and long sleeved shirts and ugh we had to put socks on. Gavin however refused socks, who knows what he will do when the snow falls and he needs boots. Nights have been getting better with him He is not climbing into our bed, thank goodness (sorry co sleeping mamas I'm really not the co sleeping kind). He is also asleep about as fast as he did in his crib. Who knew a 2 year old could stay up until 2:30 just because we changed beds. I have to say when he does wake up at 6am and crawl into bed with me I think its super cute I just don't want him there the whole night. Daddy and Mommy need that bed :)

List of things to do tomorrow (If i post them they might get done)


~ find the camera

~ wash the cd

~do a load of laundry if the ones on the line dry

~ feed the frogs cant forget this for even another day

~ bake some cookies

~ finish knitting Lily's sweater

~ drink a beer (OK that's not a necessity but I bet it will get done)

Aug 17, 2007

Laugh at my mess

Today I have had enough, Im sick off all this crap taking over my house. Im sick of not being able to move without steping over or on something. Today is the day I get rid of the mess! Dont ask me where it is going, it just is. Im going to rearange my living room, I do that alot. I get so sick of looking at the same scene all the time, I need to switch it up! Im embarrased to put the before pictures but i think if I do then It will give me more energy to get working so I can do the after pictures! Let me just let you know it does not usually look this bad I swear the pile in the middle of the floor I just pushed there so i could move the couch - anyone i need to sop making excuses. Point is I need to do somthing about this living space.

a sweater for lily

This is the beginning of the sweater im making for Lily, I knit this up last night while i sat outside the kids bedroom door waiting for Gavin to fall asleep. I love it! Now Im working on the front!

Aug 16, 2007

what to do

it's 1 am and my 2 1/2 year old keeps getting out of bed. Ive put him in at leat 30 times by now and as I type I can hear him running around and open the bedroom door. will I sleep tonight? and how is he still awake???

Aug 12, 2007


Ive been in a knitting funk. I have so many patterns that i want to do that it is stoping me from making any I just cant choose and I had a woman request me to make her 3 things and she paid me and I still have only 1 1/2 done. My kids keep me to busy so that when I am in the mood I cant and once they are in bed Im too tired. Help me knitting gods....I NEED TO KNIT.

The other day we went to feild days with my mom dident want to go but as soon as she told Gavin he could go on a pony ride and a merry-go-round I had to say yes. I dont really like field days it consists of tractors and farmers and all they do. That does not intrest me. I did however meet a wonderful woman who knits with alpaca wool that she trims and spins herself. My dad bought Gavin and Lily finger puppets from her so now I feel like I have to make them more they cant have just 2 right... anyway the kids did have fun they got to play in the corn box for a good hour and got to go on some rides yes their was a train and my poor mom paid for Gavin to ride it 2 times 1 was not enough I guess. Lily's favorite pat I think was the pony ride her face lit up and she kept saying go go.All it all it was not too bad we dident stay too long.

Aug 8, 2007

My new sling

Ok so im posting a picture of my new sling that i love. I am posting it to show it off to the kind mama who sold it to me for such a great price. It was way too big for me but as you can see with a few alterations i have it fitting well. Miss lily loves to ride with me and actully cries and gets mad when I take her out of any pouch/sling. so here it is! THANKS MICH!

Aug 6, 2007

my newest knit

So I have started knitting for winter and I am very excited to show off my newest knit. I made this cute frog hat for gavin and so far 1 mitten. I have never used 4 double pointed needles but i had to use them for the mittens and they came out great. I am so proud of myself. Now i can knit just about anything. once i finish Gavins other mitten I will make Lily a hatt and mittens and then I have to start christmas gifts and Gavin and Lilys Hoodies. Ill be busy knitting but i love it!

Jul 30, 2007

When I Play I Am Learning
Learning Through Play
when I paint at the easel, I am learning… to develop my imagination and creativity. eye-hand coordination, helpful for learning to write. the names of colors and how to make new colors. to distinguish shapes, and purposely create shapes. to notice patterns from background, necessary for learning to read. to express my feelings and ideas. that my ideas have value. relationships of space and size, necessary for mathematics. concepts of symmetry, balance and design.When I play with Playdough, I am learning… to see the shape against the background of the table, a reading skill. concepts of shapes, relative sizes, big, small, length, height, etc. to see negative space when cookie cutter shapes are taken away. to express feelings, squeezing and pounding. to exercise my imagination and creativity. that the amount of a substance remains the same, even when the shape changes.When I play with water, I am learning… that some things sink and some things float. to observe changes as water takes different form in different containers. about different temperatures. about wet, dry, and evaporation. what happens when you add soap. eye-hand coordination as I learn to pour. concepts of empty and full, volume and weight, relevant to mathematics.When I sort things, I am learning… to notice details and similarities and differences in objects. to form categories, essential concepts for reading and mathematics. concepts of color, size and shape. numerical concepts or more and less. logical reasoning.

Jul 26, 2007

my woodchuck night!

So i forgot to talk about my woodchuck night. It was a great surprise to me.

I went out for drink with Ann and my mom, I know that sounds stupid but they really are a blast to go out with. Anyway I got 2 rum and cokes I dont know what they got dident really care. we were talking and having fun then my second drink was gone, the bartender came over and asked if we wanted more I said I would love a woodchuck but I dont want to pay $4.00 for it (I dident realize it was off the tap if I did I would get it) anyway he said to me "ya know the woodchuck guys are here having a meeting Ill go get them" so they came over and talked to me for a while and bought me a woodchuck of tap!!!! It was better then ever so fresh and yummy! I even got a super awsome woodchuck cup. Pretty sad that it made me so happy but if you knew how much I loved the beer you would understand. sure wish I had one now. lol

Jul 25, 2007

where have i been....

Gosh I dont even know really I havent been too many places. Ive just been spending all my freetime on mdc goota love those ladies!!!! I have been searching for a new sling i need one so bad mine is starting to hurt because it has no padding- i have a few in mind that i want just dont have the money- donations welcom- just kidding.

Anyway we really have been chilling at home a lot latley playing outside in the pool, going for walks by the river, playing in the park. Just having fun really. I love the relaxation of summer. We are now planning a camping trip I am so excited. I miss camping. I love waking up to the birds and sweating from the hot sun beating on my tent. I love the challenge of cooking food over the fire and playing cards in the dark. I love nature and I really cant wait to figure out when we are going! I bet the kids will love it too. We are planning on going for a hike with them while we are out (even more of a need for a new sling). Id love for the kids to go camping they have only been camping at campersville and thats not what i call camping. I dont get how people call camping in a metal box with a tv a toilet and electricty is camping. anyway im excited to go!

Jul 14, 2007

Crap to say

I know I havent written in a while I keep thinking about it but never can think of what to say.

I finished knittin Lily's tank top! I did not use any pattern I just tried figured it out myself decreasing when i though i should it ended up fittin perfectly!

heres a pic...

I also made a matching headband that took me about 20 min's id show a pic if she would keep it on her head. I just did a plain knit stich on the whole thing and co only 5 sitches because I knew she would not keep it on. Now i have to find something else to knit, Ive been working a lot latley on scrapbooking our vacation to Maine so I I havent knit in a few days.

Tonight my parents went to a James Taylor concert so Im watching marissa and dylan overnight. They sure are busy kids. I expected Marissa to give me a hard time sleeping but she feel asleep first and Gavin wouldent sleep. He got out of bed knocked down the gate in the doorway and went in our room and woke up Marissa, ahh. He ended up staying up till almost 10 maybe he will let me sllep in tomorrow. with my luck marissa will wake up at 7 and he will sleep till 10. Other then that Gvain is doing good in his new bed, he has not gotten out of it too much just a few times.

well its getting late... maybe next time ill have more to say.....

Jul 4, 2007

The third anniversary

As kids, we lived together, We fought, we laughed, we cried. We did not always show the love, that we both had inside.We shared our dreams and plans, and some secrets too. All the memories we share, Is what bonds me now to you.We grew to find we have a love, that is very strong today. It’s a love shared by our family, that will never fade away.

My dear brother you shall never know,
Never know how much I loved you,
Never know what you meant to me,
My dear brother if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be who I am,
When I lost you I lost a part of me,
When i lost you I lost my chance,
My chance to tell you of my love for you,
I wish I could have just one day back,
One day to tell you the things I need to say,
One day to tell you that your are more then a brother,
You my brother are the best friend I shall ever have,
One day to tell you that you are missed,
Missed more then I could ever miss another,
I wish for this one day,
But I know it shall never come,
So I must whisper these words into the wind,
And hope it carries them to you,
Listen to the wind my brother,
For it shall be my voice,
My voice telling you I love you.

Jun 24, 2007

try it!

Yesterday i was so sick with a terrible runny nose and a sore throat. I used the neti pot and it worked like wonders. I put in some water and a little salt and poured it through one nostril at a time it feels a little like drowning but after 10 mins my nose was not running and i could breath. I feel so much better! You have to get one espically if you have alergies.

Jun 22, 2007

yummy headband!

My yummy new headband! im gonna wear this every day!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 20, 2007

Berries Galore

Well, we have been very busy in the Taylor household. VACATION is coming and we are very excited and are getting our things packed! I have a ton of packing to do espically for the kids I just hope I dont forget something vital. We are going to Maine because I wanted the kids to see the shore. I grew up knowing and loving the ocean and I would love for them to have the same love and respect for it as I do. I think they will have a good time.

So one thing Im doing is trying to use up the food in the house so nothing rots while we are gone and so we dont get bugs. Then my father in law brings me these....

This is about 8 pints worth of yummy strawberries but what am I going to do with them? I guess Ill have to cut them up and freeze them and also make some jam. I was alson thinking about making a strawberry pie, ive never had one but would love to try. Better get to hulling those berries! Wish I could share their yummy goodness with you.

Jun 18, 2007

Ive been busy!

I have been very busy with my knitting the past month and have gotten a tone of things done here are some of them!!!

A blanket for Lily

A blanket for Naima

Baby Bibs

A soap sack for justin

a soap sack for the kids and I

A turtle washcloth

Jun 10, 2007

why i go barefoot

The simplest of answers: Because it feels good!
Having your feet free of confining, hot, sweaty shoes, open to the air and sunshine, able to wiggle your toes, able to feel the various textures and temperatures of surfaces as you walk, is wonderful! It is one life's most simple pleasures and is part of what it means to be human.
It's completely natural to walk barefoot. In fact, it is quite healthy and good for your feet to do so.

A recent study demonstrates that the skin on the soles of your feet resists abrasions and blistering and that going barefoot is beneficial to the musculoskeletal structure of your feet and ankles. ... Kicking off your shoes can help prevent a host of foot injuries: bunions, heel spurs, and bone deformities, among others. "Shoes act like casts, holding the bones of the foot so rigid that they can't move fluidly," [Steven] Robbins [MD and adjunct associate professor of mechanical engineering at Concordia University, Montreal] explains. "The foot becomes passive from wearing shoes and loses the ability to support itself." ... - Cheryl Sacra

Put on a pair of mittens and wear them all day long. You can't feel anything can you? Everything you pick up and touch feels the same, doesn't it? That would be pretty boring, wouldn't you think? Well, guess what? You're already doing something similar every morning when you put on those shoes and head out the door. Every step feels the same. You miss out on the feel of the cool, wet grass, the driveway, the plush carpet in your house, everything. Your sense of touch is limited to your hands. Try going barefoot all day for just one day and you will feel what you've been missing. You'll become much more aware of your surroundings and your other senses will be heightened as well.

Shoes weaken your feet. They provide support where support isn't needed. They don't allow your feet their normal range of movements. The tendons and muscles atrophy in shoes, making feet more susceptible to injury. Bare feet are strong, with tough yet still sensitive soles.

Not only is going barefoot natural and healthy, but many shoes are harmful, especially for children. Dr. Benjamin Joseph, in [26], stated:
In Europe and America flat foot is a common reason for attendance at a children's orthopaedic clinic, but in India children are seldom brought for treatment for flat foot. The few children who do attend with this complaint are from affluent urban families and they all wear shoes. In our clinic we have never seen a child from the farming community or from the family of a manual labourer who complained of flat foot.
...The high concentration of flat foot among six-year-old children who wore shoes as compared with those who did not, implies that the critical age for development of the arch is before six years.
...Our cross-sectional study suggests that shoe-wearing in early childhood is detrimental to the development of a normal or a high medial longitudinal arch. The susceptibility for flat foot among children who wear shoes is most evident if there is associated ligament laxity. We suggest that children should be encouraged to play unshod and that slippers and sandals are less harmful than closed-toe shoes.
I find it incredible that, even today, many parents, through ignorance, are deforming their children's feet and, in some cases, giving them life-long debilitating conditions. Children, above all others, should be barefoot.

go bare foot let your kids go barefoot you will love it

Jun 9, 2007

everyday gavin craks me up more and more today we were all in the car and i started singin hit the road jack( i have no idea what made me think of that song but anyway) gavin said hit the road jack then i would sing the rest of the song and everytime that came up he would sing hit the road jack it was so funny we were all laughing! he is such a silly boy!

another funny thing he did today was when we took a shower together he said ewww mommies boobies. i dident think they were that bad lol. then he went on to say i have stinky butt (meaning him not me) i dont know where he comes up with this stuff.

Lily learned hi-five today its pretty cute- now gavin and lily do it together. they are so funny they get along so well we are lucky. she was such a good girl today. we bought her new cups today and she hugged them so i guess she loved them they are just like her big brothers but diffrent colors.

today I had a yardsale with justins dad so far we made 121$ im not expecting much more bow im just at the point where i dont want to take the stuff home again. eve though the yardsale part was not much fun it was fun spending time with gary (dad) while the kids were sleeping. It good to get to know him better however he keeps trying to get me to drink. lol whats his deal??? ha ha .

anyway off to bed with not much to say

Jun 4, 2007

my latest projects!

I have been really excited about making clothing for the kids. of course i had to hand sew them as my machine is broken :( but they still came out great! the picture of Lily's shirt is after she wore it and got it dirty but i still wanted to take a good picture.

in the last pictures i made the pants not the shirt