Jun 10, 2007

why i go barefoot

The simplest of answers: Because it feels good!
Having your feet free of confining, hot, sweaty shoes, open to the air and sunshine, able to wiggle your toes, able to feel the various textures and temperatures of surfaces as you walk, is wonderful! It is one life's most simple pleasures and is part of what it means to be human.
It's completely natural to walk barefoot. In fact, it is quite healthy and good for your feet to do so.

A recent study demonstrates that the skin on the soles of your feet resists abrasions and blistering and that going barefoot is beneficial to the musculoskeletal structure of your feet and ankles. ... Kicking off your shoes can help prevent a host of foot injuries: bunions, heel spurs, and bone deformities, among others. "Shoes act like casts, holding the bones of the foot so rigid that they can't move fluidly," [Steven] Robbins [MD and adjunct associate professor of mechanical engineering at Concordia University, Montreal] explains. "The foot becomes passive from wearing shoes and loses the ability to support itself." ... - Cheryl Sacra

Put on a pair of mittens and wear them all day long. You can't feel anything can you? Everything you pick up and touch feels the same, doesn't it? That would be pretty boring, wouldn't you think? Well, guess what? You're already doing something similar every morning when you put on those shoes and head out the door. Every step feels the same. You miss out on the feel of the cool, wet grass, the driveway, the plush carpet in your house, everything. Your sense of touch is limited to your hands. Try going barefoot all day for just one day and you will feel what you've been missing. You'll become much more aware of your surroundings and your other senses will be heightened as well.

Shoes weaken your feet. They provide support where support isn't needed. They don't allow your feet their normal range of movements. The tendons and muscles atrophy in shoes, making feet more susceptible to injury. Bare feet are strong, with tough yet still sensitive soles.

Not only is going barefoot natural and healthy, but many shoes are harmful, especially for children. Dr. Benjamin Joseph, in [26], stated:
In Europe and America flat foot is a common reason for attendance at a children's orthopaedic clinic, but in India children are seldom brought for treatment for flat foot. The few children who do attend with this complaint are from affluent urban families and they all wear shoes. In our clinic we have never seen a child from the farming community or from the family of a manual labourer who complained of flat foot.
...The high concentration of flat foot among six-year-old children who wore shoes as compared with those who did not, implies that the critical age for development of the arch is before six years.
...Our cross-sectional study suggests that shoe-wearing in early childhood is detrimental to the development of a normal or a high medial longitudinal arch. The susceptibility for flat foot among children who wear shoes is most evident if there is associated ligament laxity. We suggest that children should be encouraged to play unshod and that slippers and sandals are less harmful than closed-toe shoes.
I find it incredible that, even today, many parents, through ignorance, are deforming their children's feet and, in some cases, giving them life-long debilitating conditions. Children, above all others, should be barefoot.

go bare foot let your kids go barefoot you will love it

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