Nov 29, 2007

im back

Ok, so I know I have been slacking on here but.. ever since my camera has been broken I have been so bummed that I cant load pictures. I have compleated many knittin gprojects and cant show them off. AHHH. I made a dino for Gavin for x-mas, a tank for lily, a skirt for lily, a present for dad, and a hat for myself. all since november 8th wow. 2 days ago I got invited to join ravlery and have been glued to it. What a wonderful knitting world it is! My knitting list has grown pages I cant knit fast enough.

On to another subject... Today we wrote our letters to santa. Gavin asked for a trumpet, guitar, and drums. ( he loves music) so he is going to get all of those things because he is spoiled. I found the perfect trumpet and we are getting the new guitar because his other one broke and for some reason he just does not like the electric as much ( by the way he is only 2 3/4 years old).
I dident know what Lily wanted shes so young. I worte she wanted a doll made by the elves because she dident want it made in china. lol. I hope santa gets a laugh there. Anyway we sealed them and walked to the mail box and the kids put them in the slot. They should be thrilled when they get letters back!

Oh my it is 1 am i should go to bed. I just felt like I should post something since its been awhile.

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