Aug 18, 2007

ok I have not compleated my mission

so my living room is not done hence the reason I have not posted the "finished" pictures, I just cant decide how to put it. The way I have it now makes my small living room look tiny and feel tiny so the mission is still on I have a feeling it wont look much different when I'm done then from when I started.

Some exciting news is we went and collected some monarch caterpillars yesterday and got about 5 today one is already hanging in a "J" which means it will be a cocoon soon! we are thrilled. Maybe this year well actually get a monarch or 2. Ill be posting pictures once I find my damn camera. I lost it in the living room cleaning.

Today was cold only 65 we all wore pants and long sleeved shirts and ugh we had to put socks on. Gavin however refused socks, who knows what he will do when the snow falls and he needs boots. Nights have been getting better with him He is not climbing into our bed, thank goodness (sorry co sleeping mamas I'm really not the co sleeping kind). He is also asleep about as fast as he did in his crib. Who knew a 2 year old could stay up until 2:30 just because we changed beds. I have to say when he does wake up at 6am and crawl into bed with me I think its super cute I just don't want him there the whole night. Daddy and Mommy need that bed :)

List of things to do tomorrow (If i post them they might get done)


~ find the camera

~ wash the cd

~do a load of laundry if the ones on the line dry

~ feed the frogs cant forget this for even another day

~ bake some cookies

~ finish knitting Lily's sweater

~ drink a beer (OK that's not a necessity but I bet it will get done)

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