Jul 4, 2007

The third anniversary

As kids, we lived together, We fought, we laughed, we cried. We did not always show the love, that we both had inside.We shared our dreams and plans, and some secrets too. All the memories we share, Is what bonds me now to you.We grew to find we have a love, that is very strong today. It’s a love shared by our family, that will never fade away.

My dear brother you shall never know,
Never know how much I loved you,
Never know what you meant to me,
My dear brother if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be who I am,
When I lost you I lost a part of me,
When i lost you I lost my chance,
My chance to tell you of my love for you,
I wish I could have just one day back,
One day to tell you the things I need to say,
One day to tell you that your are more then a brother,
You my brother are the best friend I shall ever have,
One day to tell you that you are missed,
Missed more then I could ever miss another,
I wish for this one day,
But I know it shall never come,
So I must whisper these words into the wind,
And hope it carries them to you,
Listen to the wind my brother,
For it shall be my voice,
My voice telling you I love you.


gary taylor said...
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gary taylor said...

Hey my daughter in law, I remember when that aweful day happened and I had no idea Gus was your brother. We have only known you for a short time but we are going to be in your life always, if there is ever anything we can do, you should know that all you have to do is ask. We have never met Gus but we do know how much you love and miss him. We are glad that you have so many happy memories of Gus just from what you have shared with us about Gus he was a fine young man. Corri as long as you have Gus in your heart and your memory Gavin and Lily will know uncle Gus thru your memories, We love you very much.
your new
mom and dad