Aug 6, 2007

my newest knit

So I have started knitting for winter and I am very excited to show off my newest knit. I made this cute frog hat for gavin and so far 1 mitten. I have never used 4 double pointed needles but i had to use them for the mittens and they came out great. I am so proud of myself. Now i can knit just about anything. once i finish Gavins other mitten I will make Lily a hatt and mittens and then I have to start christmas gifts and Gavin and Lilys Hoodies. Ill be busy knitting but i love it!


Gavi said...

This is so cute!! I would love to know how to knit (and crochet and even sew)!

Also wanted to say that I've been reading your blog and it is really great!

corri said...

thanks for reading! its good to know where do you live? are you from mdc?