Aug 31, 2007

let me spell it out for you all

i am not going to explain why we have decided this i dont feel i need to and if you dont understand im sorry but yes we WILL be homeschooling our children yes both of them and probably will be until they are in college if any of you (friends, and family) have any questions about it just ask but im putting it out there beause everyone keeps asking me if we are homeschooling so yes we are!

Aug 23, 2007

Welcome to my morning's

Good morning Mommy, dont ask me when Gavin did this or why really but he ended up taking the diapers out of the bucket (the ones waiting for washing) and threw them in the toilet. It was a little bit funny but digging them out was not. Some how he managed to stuff 3 training dipes, and 6 fuzzi bunz in the toilet bowl. He told me "I washed the poop!" I contd say anyuthing but "Thanks" it was just too silly.

Today is one of those lazy days, Im hungry and bored, the kids are in crankie moods and I have no clue why. All I can think is to bring them outside and let them run free. That always works.

Last night the kids enjoyed Ben and Jerrys (gotta love all natural vanilla made right here in VT) I remember when I was a kid In the summer my parents would sometimes take us on the porch to enjoy our desert. I loved it, Im not really sure why it was so much more fun I think the outdoors and quality family time is what made it a blast. So I decided to do it with my kiddos. They rarley get dissert so thats a big deal anyway. They thought it was fun but they woundent sit down. Oh well it was fun and we washed up in the sprinkley after!

Aug 18, 2007

ok I have not compleated my mission

so my living room is not done hence the reason I have not posted the "finished" pictures, I just cant decide how to put it. The way I have it now makes my small living room look tiny and feel tiny so the mission is still on I have a feeling it wont look much different when I'm done then from when I started.

Some exciting news is we went and collected some monarch caterpillars yesterday and got about 5 today one is already hanging in a "J" which means it will be a cocoon soon! we are thrilled. Maybe this year well actually get a monarch or 2. Ill be posting pictures once I find my damn camera. I lost it in the living room cleaning.

Today was cold only 65 we all wore pants and long sleeved shirts and ugh we had to put socks on. Gavin however refused socks, who knows what he will do when the snow falls and he needs boots. Nights have been getting better with him He is not climbing into our bed, thank goodness (sorry co sleeping mamas I'm really not the co sleeping kind). He is also asleep about as fast as he did in his crib. Who knew a 2 year old could stay up until 2:30 just because we changed beds. I have to say when he does wake up at 6am and crawl into bed with me I think its super cute I just don't want him there the whole night. Daddy and Mommy need that bed :)

List of things to do tomorrow (If i post them they might get done)


~ find the camera

~ wash the cd

~do a load of laundry if the ones on the line dry

~ feed the frogs cant forget this for even another day

~ bake some cookies

~ finish knitting Lily's sweater

~ drink a beer (OK that's not a necessity but I bet it will get done)

Aug 17, 2007

Laugh at my mess

Today I have had enough, Im sick off all this crap taking over my house. Im sick of not being able to move without steping over or on something. Today is the day I get rid of the mess! Dont ask me where it is going, it just is. Im going to rearange my living room, I do that alot. I get so sick of looking at the same scene all the time, I need to switch it up! Im embarrased to put the before pictures but i think if I do then It will give me more energy to get working so I can do the after pictures! Let me just let you know it does not usually look this bad I swear the pile in the middle of the floor I just pushed there so i could move the couch - anyone i need to sop making excuses. Point is I need to do somthing about this living space.

a sweater for lily

This is the beginning of the sweater im making for Lily, I knit this up last night while i sat outside the kids bedroom door waiting for Gavin to fall asleep. I love it! Now Im working on the front!

Aug 16, 2007

what to do

it's 1 am and my 2 1/2 year old keeps getting out of bed. Ive put him in at leat 30 times by now and as I type I can hear him running around and open the bedroom door. will I sleep tonight? and how is he still awake???

Aug 12, 2007


Ive been in a knitting funk. I have so many patterns that i want to do that it is stoping me from making any I just cant choose and I had a woman request me to make her 3 things and she paid me and I still have only 1 1/2 done. My kids keep me to busy so that when I am in the mood I cant and once they are in bed Im too tired. Help me knitting gods....I NEED TO KNIT.

The other day we went to feild days with my mom dident want to go but as soon as she told Gavin he could go on a pony ride and a merry-go-round I had to say yes. I dont really like field days it consists of tractors and farmers and all they do. That does not intrest me. I did however meet a wonderful woman who knits with alpaca wool that she trims and spins herself. My dad bought Gavin and Lily finger puppets from her so now I feel like I have to make them more they cant have just 2 right... anyway the kids did have fun they got to play in the corn box for a good hour and got to go on some rides yes their was a train and my poor mom paid for Gavin to ride it 2 times 1 was not enough I guess. Lily's favorite pat I think was the pony ride her face lit up and she kept saying go go.All it all it was not too bad we dident stay too long.

Aug 8, 2007

My new sling

Ok so im posting a picture of my new sling that i love. I am posting it to show it off to the kind mama who sold it to me for such a great price. It was way too big for me but as you can see with a few alterations i have it fitting well. Miss lily loves to ride with me and actully cries and gets mad when I take her out of any pouch/sling. so here it is! THANKS MICH!

Aug 6, 2007

my newest knit

So I have started knitting for winter and I am very excited to show off my newest knit. I made this cute frog hat for gavin and so far 1 mitten. I have never used 4 double pointed needles but i had to use them for the mittens and they came out great. I am so proud of myself. Now i can knit just about anything. once i finish Gavins other mitten I will make Lily a hatt and mittens and then I have to start christmas gifts and Gavin and Lilys Hoodies. Ill be busy knitting but i love it!