Apr 17, 2008

5 mile walk... for this

Before I show you why I walked five miles with 2 kids in a double stroller I want to show off a few picture of some of the things we did last week

first we walked to the YMCA
we had a blast making boats from foil, playing in the ball pit, painting, jumping, to rolling and tumbling. Then the kids got their faces painted! Gavin's is supposed to be a red and yellow cat and somehow Lily has a butterfly (only Justin sees it)

Finally our 5 mile walk, to where you ask. Only the coolest place in Burlington!
First we walked the 5 miles and went to a play ground then a little farther we found a path in the woods we walked down it and found this....

so we followed it only to find the coolest tree house ever!
Gavin was scared and he is not the type to be scared of much. He would not walk around on it unless he was glued to my leg and holding my hand Lily the one who is scared of heights love it, I don't think she realized she was up high in a tree. anyway this is such a cool spot, I can wait to go back and have lunch here!

Apr 8, 2008

Green Goals

I decided to make goals for the family and post them as we get them and compleat them.

For april our goals are

make more cloth grocery bags

cut up old shirts for rags

make cloth napkins

buy reuseable take out containers for when we go out

cook moer homemade meals

buy clothes at thrift shops

Apr 2, 2008


shh don't tell Justin I'm thinking about another baby. Every time I'm looking up knitting patterns and see really cute babies or baby stuff

to knit, it makes me want another so bad. Seriously look at that baby and tell me he is not so super cute. So I started thinking if i got prego now then Gavin would be 4 and lily would be almost 3 (right) and that's not soooo bad but then I think well it could be Gavin is an interesting 3 year old I cant imagine what Lily will be like. Also I think about going places and how much harder it will be so then I think Ill wait a year and a half to get pregnant but that seems like forever. so I'm just going to finish this post by saying nothing is 100%, I may have another baby and If I do I wont be homeschooling. Or I may not have another baby. But odds are I will because if I keep thinking about it I'm not done, no matter how stressful my life can be.

Apr 1, 2008

crafty again

I made a small bag for lily from an old shirt I love it, and it sure is cute to watch her carry it around.

I also made these bean bags which are for sale in my etsy shop. They are very cool. These are also made from recycled clothing (Lily's too small pants) and are filled with rice.