Jul 17, 2008

and now

a skirt for lily

Learning to sew.

After Mindy helped me figure out my machine well now I'm just hooked. I put the kids to bed last night, ran to my craft closet, and pulled out my shinny white machine. I started cutting fabric from my bag o crap and proceeded to make Gavin some pants. When he first saw this fabric he said he wanted a pillow but I have no stuffing left and no pillow forms. Besides he has 2 pillows. So i decided to make the pants. As you can tell the fabric is upside down and i did drawstring for the waste but overall I think for a first project (with a machine) I did well. Check them out!!!

Jul 16, 2008



Thanks to mindy we got my machine working. I coulednt for the life of me figure it out. Then after a little guessing and reading Mindy figured out for some reason the needle has to be in the fabric to begin sewing. Im so thrilled! Im going to sew and sew somemore and just keep going! Thanks Mindy you rock.

Jul 8, 2008

while we are on the subject of hair

Check out our rockers new hair doo!

The hair queen

Lily loves to have "buttons in her hair" we started collecting hair clips a few months back and her collection is starting to get pretty big, she wanted to try them all on at once and I thought its be cute too so we put them all in. Gavin helped of course.

We also like fancy hair ties (Lily not so much) so I made a few more for her. I pulled out the tiny scraps and Lily helped pick out what she wanted and also helped me press the buttons. I thought if she helped she would be more likely to wear them so here they are aren't they sweet!

From tiny fabric pieces to super cute hair ties! Recycling rocks!