Jul 30, 2007

When I Play I Am Learning
Learning Through Play
when I paint at the easel, I am learning… to develop my imagination and creativity. eye-hand coordination, helpful for learning to write. the names of colors and how to make new colors. to distinguish shapes, and purposely create shapes. to notice patterns from background, necessary for learning to read. to express my feelings and ideas. that my ideas have value. relationships of space and size, necessary for mathematics. concepts of symmetry, balance and design.When I play with Playdough, I am learning… to see the shape against the background of the table, a reading skill. concepts of shapes, relative sizes, big, small, length, height, etc. to see negative space when cookie cutter shapes are taken away. to express feelings, squeezing and pounding. to exercise my imagination and creativity. that the amount of a substance remains the same, even when the shape changes.When I play with water, I am learning… that some things sink and some things float. to observe changes as water takes different form in different containers. about different temperatures. about wet, dry, and evaporation. what happens when you add soap. eye-hand coordination as I learn to pour. concepts of empty and full, volume and weight, relevant to mathematics.When I sort things, I am learning… to notice details and similarities and differences in objects. to form categories, essential concepts for reading and mathematics. concepts of color, size and shape. numerical concepts or more and less. logical reasoning.

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