May 31, 2008


we has a sucessful passy free night and the day is going just as well!

May 30, 2008

From Scrapes and burns, to triumphs and downfalls

Well I can no longer enjoy this
Not for a bit at least. I stepped on a tack and it scraped across my left foot leaving a large and deep scrape that is very painful. Then i tried walking barefoot at the playground and yes it filled with dirt and is now infected. Bummer. And ya know I did this in my house not outside, it seems every year i injure a foot and its always inside. So Now I'm stuck having to cover up my foot for a few days so think of me as you walk barefoot in the crisp wet grass.
As for the triumph, Gavin (3 1/2) went to bed for the first time without his passy!!!!! YAY we lost it and i told him we would look in the morning. He went to bed without a fuss and when I found the passy later on I threw it out. That's as much of a success for me as it is for him because tomorrow when he asks for it I wont have one to give. Wish us luck over the next few day we might have a crabby 3 year old. Ill let you know how it goes!

May 21, 2008

Happy BIrthday Lily!

Lily is two today hooray hooray!!

I know people say the time flies but honestly it seems like her first birthday was forever ago. newborn to one flew by but 1 to 2 went so slow. I have to say being a mom of this little girl is hard work. She has so much energy and can be so stubborn, but she can be so sweet when she wants to be. My favorite thing about Lily, she loves to cuddle with me. As long as I "tickle" her feet (rub them) she will lay with me. And it is so sweet.
Happy Birthday my sweet girl Mommy, Daddy, and Gavin Love you!

May 20, 2008

A new family member!

A few days ago we decided it was time for a new pet. One our 3 year old Gavin could help take care of (wishing anyway). He was talking about a fish and Justin (daddy) wanted a hamster. So we all got in the car and went to the pet shop. There Gavin ran right past the wall of fish to the...lizards go figure. We told Him we cant have another reptile its bad enough I have to separate the two frogs. Anyway we took him to the rodents and he was so excited. In the end we got a lovely little girl. Meet Banapple the not so friendly hamster....

Shehates people and has red eyes but we all love her anyway!

May 12, 2008

shiver me timbers (eye patch pattern)

So i created this super de duper easy eye patch because my silly boy has been playing pirates a lot. Here it is...
Shiver Me timbers

with worsted weight yarn co 2 stitches knit in garter stitch to about 12 inches

now we start the rows

row 1 - k1fb knit to end k1fb (4 stitches)

row 2 - k

repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have 12 stitches


k2tog knit to end k2tog (10 stitches)

next row knit all stitches

continue these two decreasing rows until you get to two stitches and then knit the 12 inch tie and bind off. weave in all ends and wear!!!

See wasn't that easy!

if you want it bigger simply increase in the same manner as rows 1 and 2 to desired width then decrease in the same manner until you get to 2 stitches again.

this pattern is intended for person use only do not sell anything made from this pattern or the pattern itself. If there are any errors in the pattern please let me know. also Id love to see pictures! If you don't knit but would like this item knit for you contact me and I can do it for you.

The new clean room

Finally a room I'm happy when I walk into! I spend over 2 hours cleaning the kids room and even though I know it will be a battle to keep it this was I'm willing to take on that challenge. I love how the room looks. I really cant wait for the kids to get full sized bed but until then this is how their room will look.

The main reason i rearranged the room is because of the super cool train table I have been working on for them you can see it in the picture below. I needed to find room for it and originally I was going to put in in front of the window but I know they would just climb into the window and if I put it in front of the closet door they would just climb up and turn the lights on and off. so I found a spot for it and its great and there is enough room to keep it away from the wall so the can get at it all angles!

Another thing I did was scrub their car carpet I bought that for them fro Christmas from hearth song it is chemical free so its not letting off harmful chemicals for the next 5 years. The carpet says machine wash but I cant see the 6 foot carpet fitting into our machine so i got out the scrub brushes and the kids and I got to work. We dumped on the Liquid sunshine and started scrubbing we all got soaked but it was fun teamwork! Then we rinsed it in the shower and hung it out to dry. It looks great!!!

The last pictures shows the corner that will be their book nook. I'm going to make a TON of pillows and knit a pad for the floor below with some yarn I'm not so in love with. I also have to figure out how to decorate their room and I want to make them a new curtain, so I have lots of work to do!