Apr 30, 2007

look what i made

so latley i have been big on recycling things around the house that we dont use and i found this pair of pants that i havent worn in years but still look new but gosh i dont kanow anyone my size so i had to find a use for them i started cutting them up to add to cloth tp pile then when i got to the top i thought wow these would make a nifty bag! But what do i need a bag for. so i thought and thought and figure out that it would be perfect for a bag for the umbrella stroller!

the picture came out bad and its had to show that it is a bag but it is actully sewn right onto the storller and works great plus it has built in pockets for little things which is a big plus!!!

this is strange

i feel a little funny writing on a blog but honestly i wanted a place to show off- he he. It's kind of like giving a speech where you can't see the audience, a little odd. But ill try it out. these days everyone has a blog and a place to show off things theve done. i also have a picture site because i take so many damn pictures of EVERYTHING. But i cant really just talk there. My whole life ive wanted to have a journal just to be able to express myself more and be able to look back and see what i thought years ago. maybe this will be like my journal. who knows.