Dec 1, 2007

It december

Ok so it is 1:36am everyone is sleeping but me. I am wide awake. Thanks to the nap I took today. Latkey I have been exausted because I have been taking care of Levi everyday and have to wake up at 7:3o am. Im not used to that my kids dont wake up until 9 usually.

Anyway today Justin and my dad went and got a christmas tree and the kids were so excited. It was funny though because they seamed more excited about papa then the tree. But we ended up decorating the tree which was tons of fun. Lily kept just laying the decorations on while gavin was very specific about where he put his. I wish I had pictures but If you remember I HAVE NOW CAMERA, Tomorrow we are going to take the kids to a John Gilamore concert. They will be thrilled. The last time we went i only took Gavin but the music is great. John is from Vermont! and s\he is awsome and gets the kids really involved. It should be a ton more fun now that the kids actullay recognize his songs. I think they will be very suprised so that should be fun. Then we are coming home and baking cookies. Gavin has been bugging to cook a lot latley weve made cookies, playdough, and 2 dinners together so now we are going to make more cookies its christmas and yes im making them whole wheat (yum)

I finished a skirt for lily today (knit) and it is so pretty she will wear it tomorrow i cant wait till i can post a pic and show it off, I made it have a drawstring with red and green pompoms for x-mas. then after x-mas ill just cut them off and put another color- so she an wear it all year!

ok im off to bed its late and my butt hurts for sitting here i was spending too much time on ravelry oops. lol

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