Jul 14, 2007

Crap to say

I know I havent written in a while I keep thinking about it but never can think of what to say.

I finished knittin Lily's tank top! I did not use any pattern I just tried figured it out myself decreasing when i though i should it ended up fittin perfectly!

heres a pic...

I also made a matching headband that took me about 20 min's id show a pic if she would keep it on her head. I just did a plain knit stich on the whole thing and co only 5 sitches because I knew she would not keep it on. Now i have to find something else to knit, Ive been working a lot latley on scrapbooking our vacation to Maine so I I havent knit in a few days.

Tonight my parents went to a James Taylor concert so Im watching marissa and dylan overnight. They sure are busy kids. I expected Marissa to give me a hard time sleeping but she feel asleep first and Gavin wouldent sleep. He got out of bed knocked down the gate in the doorway and went in our room and woke up Marissa, ahh. He ended up staying up till almost 10 maybe he will let me sllep in tomorrow. with my luck marissa will wake up at 7 and he will sleep till 10. Other then that Gvain is doing good in his new bed, he has not gotten out of it too much just a few times.

well its getting late... maybe next time ill have more to say.....

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