Jun 9, 2007

everyday gavin craks me up more and more today we were all in the car and i started singin hit the road jack( i have no idea what made me think of that song but anyway) gavin said hit the road jack then i would sing the rest of the song and everytime that came up he would sing hit the road jack it was so funny we were all laughing! he is such a silly boy!

another funny thing he did today was when we took a shower together he said ewww mommies boobies. i dident think they were that bad lol. then he went on to say i have stinky butt (meaning him not me) i dont know where he comes up with this stuff.

Lily learned hi-five today its pretty cute- now gavin and lily do it together. they are so funny they get along so well we are lucky. she was such a good girl today. we bought her new cups today and she hugged them so i guess she loved them they are just like her big brothers but diffrent colors.

today I had a yardsale with justins dad so far we made 121$ im not expecting much more bow im just at the point where i dont want to take the stuff home again. eve though the yardsale part was not much fun it was fun spending time with gary (dad) while the kids were sleeping. It good to get to know him better however he keeps trying to get me to drink. lol whats his deal??? ha ha .

anyway off to bed with not much to say

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