Nov 8, 2007


I dont know if anger is the right feeling. Justin said "he's just a kid, kids do that stuff" and I know they do but now we have to replace my camera AGAIN because of him. The first one he threw at the cabnet, this time.... in the dish water. Everything went down hill from their. Lily cried about everything nonstop for about an hour and a half. Mostley because she kept climbing on things and I had to take them away. Gavin kept dumping out the toy bins making a huge mess because he was pretending they were buildings in his make believe car town. Then Lily pulled off her diper somehow and got her poo everywhere. Needless to say i was reading their bedtime story at 7:20. It was a stressful night. As for the camera, it wont even turn on. I hope I can at least salvage the memory card so we dont have to buy a new one of those too. I did load all the pictures on my pc last night so I did not lose anything, thats one good thing that came out of it. So I guess now im going camera searching. Even though Im a bit ticked and we dont really have the money (at all) for a new camera I really need one and I'm kinda excited to get a new one. Ug I feel a little better after writing this down. I think now ill waste some time looking at craft blogs and knitting patterns. ahhh that will relax me.

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