Dec 29, 2007


I Love this potholder, it needs to be blocked so it is flat and straight but I love it. I recycled an old shirt that does not fit me. Dont you love the design! I also recycled an old potholder to stuff it so yay me! I made 1 new thing out of 2 old things. (I love to recycle) I will be making many more of these Im sure!

Dec 28, 2007


here is my list for 2008
cleaning/declutter - cut everything down to by 50% (excluding yarn-lol)
organize closets and keep them that way
go through file cabnet and toss the junk

simple cleaning: do dishes daily
wash floors once a week
make my bed daily

start preschool homeschool on jan 8th
research more about longtearm homeschooling

buy better quality things so i dont have to re buy things or buy a few of the same
buy homemade make homemade
start a work at home store online by selling my knit and sewn items and paper crafts
stop buying things with only 1 use or limited use

for the enviroment
figure out how to compost in my small no yard apopartment (for low cost)
stop buying disposable razors
when i print patterns do lose them and reprint (start a pattern binder)
knit more dishcloths so justin stops using papertowels (thanks dad (gary) but we dont need them)
find a use for all those greeting cards ive been given (turn them into something cool)

****things Ive compleated*****

-cleaned filing cabnet
-cleaned out downstairs closet and donated and threw out a lot

Dec 27, 2007

by the way

I did end up finishing that other sock but I'm frogging that fetching pattern I'm just bummed by it.


sorry for swearing but every time I finish knitting something I cant show it off. Sure I can scan it but that does not give it any dignity. I started knitting longies for Gavin (for those of you not "in the know" they are pants for cloth diapering to go over the diapers) anyway I love longies and even thought Gavin is potty trained I wanted to make him a pair. But I can never knit anything that takes more then a few days so before I even go to the crotch I ended up turning them into a hat. The hat ended up being super cute Ill have to share the pattern when I can post a picture that shows its true colors! someday soon Ill get a camera.

Dec 20, 2007

2 half finished projects

Here is a sock i knit for Gavin and a picture of fetching I was talking about the other day. The other sock will be completed tonight and as for fetching (Zzz) I'm not sure how much I like it. Anyway I have knit so much lately but with a broken camera haven't been able to post pictures. These i scanned on I wish I could show off all the other things Ive made.

Dec 17, 2007

my obsessive problem

Yes I have been warned, but did I listen NO. And now all of you who have warned me are right. I am obsessed with ravelry and cant stop myself. Just keep searching, looking for more and more patterns and ignoring the hat I have on the needles. I keep saying OHHHHH I have to start that now ohh wait, I want to knit that but I still have this darn hat for Jodie on the needles and I must get it done. So now Im going to stop writing about it and get my ass to work! maybe I can get it done buy tomorrow night... Ill keep you posted!

Dec 16, 2007

watch this

look at my kids go...........

Dec 15, 2007


So last week I started fetching for those unsure here's a picture so I did mine in purple yummy yarn very similar to the yarn suggested and the color is nice and the idea is nice I just wish the fit was tighter. Anyone make these what do you think? I never started the second because I'm a bit bummed maybe i should knit them on smaller needles then suggested epically since I'm a very small girl with very small wrists and thin hands. Anyway just thought Id share some disappointment.

Dec 14, 2007


wow! I love watching my kids roll in the snow and throw snowballs. Something about it is calming really. They have so much fun and I can see it in their little faces their just filled with joy and excitement.

Today i watched Gavin try to carry a snowball that was bigger then his head he was walking all lopsided and all I could see was 2 eyes peaking over it. What a silly sight it was.

We went for a walk in the sled and this year it is so much heavier then it was last year.I put the rope around my body and that made it much easier. For some reason Lily thought it was funny and kept saying "silly, silly" . Anyway we had a ton of fun today! Just wanted to share it.

Dec 12, 2007

my wish list

ok im adding a few things to my wish list here because sopmething is wrong with my pc and it wont let me put it over on the side ---------------------------------------->>
and I don't want to forget these things (hence the reason I post them here) when i can fix the problem i will take this off and add it to the list- and check things off as i buy them.

this shirt in green and size xs

this size xs gray or green

these size small

this in white dandelion

this in small

this should be first on my list

and this too

ok so now ive waisted nap time and gavin is saying mommy (this is what i do when im bored look for things I want its not a good cycle)

Dec 8, 2007

nothing much again

so i had too much to drink so if this makes no sence im sorry. tonight we went ot a birthday party and i drank a few beers and some liquer. we had fun! i know latlkey there have been some things i wantend to rite aboiut but right now i cant think of them, ugh . i know im typing bad but i, on like #7 and a little tipsy. ill try again tomorrow

Dec 1, 2007

It december

Ok so it is 1:36am everyone is sleeping but me. I am wide awake. Thanks to the nap I took today. Latkey I have been exausted because I have been taking care of Levi everyday and have to wake up at 7:3o am. Im not used to that my kids dont wake up until 9 usually.

Anyway today Justin and my dad went and got a christmas tree and the kids were so excited. It was funny though because they seamed more excited about papa then the tree. But we ended up decorating the tree which was tons of fun. Lily kept just laying the decorations on while gavin was very specific about where he put his. I wish I had pictures but If you remember I HAVE NOW CAMERA, Tomorrow we are going to take the kids to a John Gilamore concert. They will be thrilled. The last time we went i only took Gavin but the music is great. John is from Vermont! and s\he is awsome and gets the kids really involved. It should be a ton more fun now that the kids actullay recognize his songs. I think they will be very suprised so that should be fun. Then we are coming home and baking cookies. Gavin has been bugging to cook a lot latley weve made cookies, playdough, and 2 dinners together so now we are going to make more cookies its christmas and yes im making them whole wheat (yum)

I finished a skirt for lily today (knit) and it is so pretty she will wear it tomorrow i cant wait till i can post a pic and show it off, I made it have a drawstring with red and green pompoms for x-mas. then after x-mas ill just cut them off and put another color- so she an wear it all year!

ok im off to bed its late and my butt hurts for sitting here i was spending too much time on ravelry oops. lol