Jul 26, 2007

my woodchuck night!

So i forgot to talk about my woodchuck night. It was a great surprise to me.

I went out for drink with Ann and my mom, I know that sounds stupid but they really are a blast to go out with. Anyway I got 2 rum and cokes I dont know what they got dident really care. we were talking and having fun then my second drink was gone, the bartender came over and asked if we wanted more I said I would love a woodchuck but I dont want to pay $4.00 for it (I dident realize it was off the tap if I did I would get it) anyway he said to me "ya know the woodchuck guys are here having a meeting Ill go get them" so they came over and talked to me for a while and bought me a woodchuck of tap!!!! It was better then ever so fresh and yummy! I even got a super awsome woodchuck cup. Pretty sad that it made me so happy but if you knew how much I loved the beer you would understand. sure wish I had one now. lol

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