Jan 28, 2008

100 things about me!

100- I stay up later the my husband most night (like tonight)
99-I really do love Dan Zanes more then my kids
98- I am scared of the dark
97-I have a freckle on my butt
96-I want dreadlocks (husband says no way)
95-I want a tattoo of my brother
94- I really don't hate all dogs
93- I have regrets
92- I regret that I have regrets
91- I would love another baby
90- But I don't think I want one enough to do it
89-I have a wart on my finger
88- and a birthmark on my leg
87- I hate my body though I used to love it
86- but I love my life
85- I never thought I marry my husband
84- getting married was the best thing I did
83- I hate that I smoke
82- when we move I'm going to start running and biking
81- this takes forever
80- i like to do fill it ins
79-I use cloth pads and cloth wipes for toilet paper
78- I'm addicted to crafting
77-I cant spell even though I thought I could
76- and I love English
75- I cant do daycare I don't have the patients
74- i whine
73-Im a brat and a bitch
72- i cant save money for shit
71- I hate football
70- I shelter my children
69- but I do whats best for them
68- Im afrade of whats in the dark
67- I cant stand clutter
66- I hate to clean
65- I love "things"
64- I used to have pink hair
63- I wish I were more crafty
62- I sleep in my undies
61- I love eggplant parm
60- I wish I had more me time
59- I have too much stuff
58- I love being barefoot
57- the only ring I cant stand to have on my finger is my wedding ring
56- I wear a blanket in bed even if it is 100 degreese
55- I am too lazy to tyep using correct grammer
54- I have a sewing maching and dont know how to use it
53- I cant wiat to move to burlington march 1st even though we will be broke
52- I should start packing
51- I sometimes nap when the kids nap
50- I used to skateboard and loved it
49- I love me time
48- I have a secret hiding place for dishes when I dont want to do them (the stove)
47- once I forgot and melted a strainer
46- I want another baby but Im afrade im too selfish
45-I regret Gavins circumcision
44- I hate the idea of my kids going to a public school
43- I wont have the time or patients to homeschool
42- I hate justins taste in music
41- I clean my house with vinegar
40- I pick up litter when we go for walks
39- we dont flush when we pee until someome poo's
38- I want to go back to school
37- how do people do this it takes forever- Ive been compiling this list for days
36- I want to learn how to crochet but knittin gtake up too much time
35- I want my etsy shop to thrive
34- I check it many times a day
33- I want to get rid of cable
32- I never want to get rid of the internet
31- I think it is sexy when Justin learns how to play songs I like on his guitar
30- I wish I could knit better
29- I wish I had more willpower to try now things
28- I need a computer desk (not a table)
27- I havte scooby doo
26- Im obsessed with jon and kate plus 8
25-I love playing cars
24- I hate having dry hads and the sound they make when people rub theirs together
23-I cant wait to go back to college
22- makeup annoys me, its so fake
21- I think stuffed animals are a waste
20- Listening to my kids talk duning naptime makes me giggle
19-listening to them fight drives me nuts
18- my cats eat too much
17- I need to change the cat litter (I can smell it)
16- Im not looking foward to packing and unpacking all this crap
15- I used to be obsessed with sublime
14- I lost my class ring the year after I got it
13- I take anxeity medicine
12- I have been refusing birth control
11- Im almost done my list!
10- I want the bigger bedroom in the new apt.
09- Our new car is SWEET
08-I think my kids are genious
07- I hate when Im upstairs and Justin calls my name
06- I still get butterflies for him sometimes
05- My family feels so small now
04- I loved most of my childhood
03- I wish we never lived in brandon
02- Im glad we dont live in jersey
01- I dont paint my nails

wow that took forever glad Im done!


Its all I have been thinking about walking in the grass barefoot, I miss it so much. I hate confining my feet to shoes, absolutely hate it. I wish for warm weather so badly and I know my kids do too. Gavin said "summer we have no shoes outside" he is so cool he knows his mama well!

Seriously though why do we have to wear shoes we don't cover our hands in the spring, summer, and fall shoes make now sense to me. I get it you say "your feet get dirty" SO WHAT. Wash them. As for stepping on this it rarely happens and when it does oh well. Its worth it to me

I just cant wait I guess that's my point for the day.

Jan 26, 2008

hip chicks knit

I came across this pic. in a yarn shop online and love it (besides the fact that their legs look broken). I wish I had made it. ha ha. Anyway I wanted to share it with anyone who knits and hasn't seen it.

So lately I have been knitting (SURPRISE) like crazy I'm working on this wonderful skirt for Lily I started it 2 days ago and have it almost done which is very exciting. I only knit at night so this is fast for me. It was a little challenging at the increase row but mostly because I was counting wrong and forgetting where I was. Then I realized I was doing kfb instead of just casting on another stitch. OOPS Here is the pattern http://magknits.com/Sept07/patterns/skirtsicle.htm but I am using a different color. Now that I'm talking about it I want to work on it. Funny how addicting knitting is for me. My queue in ravlery is huge. Ill never get all those things knit in time to wear them this summer. I wish I could devote more time to knitting but if I knit too long and in the wrong lighting my eyes start twitching and I know that cant be good. Anyway I'm off to knit again night night!

Jan 14, 2008

My etsy shop

I finally got it started I have a ton more things to add this is just the beginning. Im very excited to make some money while doing what I love check it out!


Starting a new chapter

I see our life as a novel, and I want to start a new chapter in ours.

We have plans to move to Burlington, I'm very excited. There's more opportunity, experiences, and diversity. Such an exciting place I want to be part of. There are more people there "like me" and that in itself is exciting.

We have been looking at apartments, applying, and Justin's been doing a little bit of job hunting. I want to go back to school but I have changed my career path. I want to own a small business. I want to sell my own handmade clothing, knits, cards, and crafts. Its a very exciting idea. I dream about it, and how I would set it up, the things I would make and sell. If only I could start it all now.

Now its time to work towards that goal!

Jan 6, 2008

Tonight I think of you

Tonight I think of you,

The last years with you I bonded deeply with you. I looked up to you and respected you, I still do. I hate myself for being annoyed with stupid things you did that now only seem so stupid. I wished I had just ignored them. I know you don't care and that it didn't matter and also that I annoyed you sometimes too. I wish we grew the bond we had earlier, we became very close I know you felt it too. I know you knew I looked up to you, you taught me so much, I wish I could learn more from you, what an inspiration you were. I still feel saddened that we never got to talk about me being pregnant, I know you were worried I would not finish school, I will go back Gus, next semester and finish just for you. I wish we had that talk because now I feel like Ive let you down. I hope in some way you know I'm doing OK, I can handle it and I will succeed. It just kills me to not know what you were thinking, or to hear what you had to say. Life goes on without you but believe me its not better off that way. I love you dear brother.

Jan 5, 2008

Just Think About your Impact

here you can calculate your impact on global warming. My score for our 4 person household was awesome only, 16! the average 4 person household is 22. whats yours? http://www.nature.org/initiatives/climatechange/calculator/ .

I hope this opens your eyes. Every 1 person can make a difference even if you don't think so. Think about it if you get a styrofoam container from a take out resterant instead of bringing your own reausable container it will take that styrofoam container 1 million years to decompose same with a plastic milk jug. A tin can takes 90 years while a aluminum takes 200-500 depending on the peoperties in it. So recycle and use things that are reuseable.

I cant stress enough though the styrofoam containers. 33% of waste in landfill is made up of them so why not bring your own container. Its not that hard! Also paper is 29% of the trash in landfills why was it not recycled?

As for bags at the store what do you use? Plastic bags take 50 to 80 years to decompose a paper bag takes a month that may seem like nothing a month right. But when there are 4300.000 or more a day adding to landfills thats not months anmymore thats years just to get rid of that days worth. You can buy reuseable bags at the store for a dollar. I bought mine online for about 5.50$ each but you dont have to. The great thing is the stores sometime reward you by giving you five cents back for each bag everytime you go. say you buy 8 bags and shop 3 times a month thats about 15 dollars back a year. so you earn money!

Five types of people with respect to litter:
Non-litterers - environmentally conscious, don't litter and usually pick up litter of others
Inconvenients - too hard, too much trouble, someone else's problem
Ignorants - these people are simply unaware of a link between the environment and their litter behavior
Willful Arrogants - usually litter in a context, i.e. "It's okay to litter in urban areas but not in the country"
Anti-establishments - make a statement with purposeful littering

think about it