Aug 12, 2007


Ive been in a knitting funk. I have so many patterns that i want to do that it is stoping me from making any I just cant choose and I had a woman request me to make her 3 things and she paid me and I still have only 1 1/2 done. My kids keep me to busy so that when I am in the mood I cant and once they are in bed Im too tired. Help me knitting gods....I NEED TO KNIT.

The other day we went to feild days with my mom dident want to go but as soon as she told Gavin he could go on a pony ride and a merry-go-round I had to say yes. I dont really like field days it consists of tractors and farmers and all they do. That does not intrest me. I did however meet a wonderful woman who knits with alpaca wool that she trims and spins herself. My dad bought Gavin and Lily finger puppets from her so now I feel like I have to make them more they cant have just 2 right... anyway the kids did have fun they got to play in the corn box for a good hour and got to go on some rides yes their was a train and my poor mom paid for Gavin to ride it 2 times 1 was not enough I guess. Lily's favorite pat I think was the pony ride her face lit up and she kept saying go go.All it all it was not too bad we dident stay too long.

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carole said...

feeling your pain mama... I too need to knit and can't get moving! and I need to spin