Jun 20, 2007

Berries Galore

Well, we have been very busy in the Taylor household. VACATION is coming and we are very excited and are getting our things packed! I have a ton of packing to do espically for the kids I just hope I dont forget something vital. We are going to Maine because I wanted the kids to see the shore. I grew up knowing and loving the ocean and I would love for them to have the same love and respect for it as I do. I think they will have a good time.

So one thing Im doing is trying to use up the food in the house so nothing rots while we are gone and so we dont get bugs. Then my father in law brings me these....

This is about 8 pints worth of yummy strawberries but what am I going to do with them? I guess Ill have to cut them up and freeze them and also make some jam. I was alson thinking about making a strawberry pie, ive never had one but would love to try. Better get to hulling those berries! Wish I could share their yummy goodness with you.

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