Aug 17, 2007

Laugh at my mess

Today I have had enough, Im sick off all this crap taking over my house. Im sick of not being able to move without steping over or on something. Today is the day I get rid of the mess! Dont ask me where it is going, it just is. Im going to rearange my living room, I do that alot. I get so sick of looking at the same scene all the time, I need to switch it up! Im embarrased to put the before pictures but i think if I do then It will give me more energy to get working so I can do the after pictures! Let me just let you know it does not usually look this bad I swear the pile in the middle of the floor I just pushed there so i could move the couch - anyone i need to sop making excuses. Point is I need to do somthing about this living space.


La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

mdc mama here... you are a brave woman! I won't show you what my living room looks like ;)--laura

corri said...

ha ha ha i thought so too glad to know im not the only one!