Oct 3, 2007

Ruled by "the man"

my poor poor husband has finally had enough. He asked to have our anniversary off and "the man" is making him work. This is our first anniversary. Justin is angry not just because of this but because anytime he needs something he gets "f"ed over. Another example is he asked for the week before christmas to take his vacation he is supposed to have 2 weeks he only took one and "the man" says he has no days left. Justin is fed up and is seriousley thinking of giving him 2 weeks notice. Obviousley I understand hes sick of working there hes been there 7 years and has hated it more each day. However im worried about this. I know he has a few other jobs he can manover around but im worried he will be working on and off all the time. Thats a very scarry thought. So now Im even more determinded to start making and selling some of my knitting and crafts. I know its not a huge buisness but it should bring in some money and help out a little. They only reason Justin is still at that crap hole is because it is a steady job and with a family you need that.not having much money is one thing but having none is what im worried about.

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