Aug 23, 2007

Welcome to my morning's

Good morning Mommy, dont ask me when Gavin did this or why really but he ended up taking the diapers out of the bucket (the ones waiting for washing) and threw them in the toilet. It was a little bit funny but digging them out was not. Some how he managed to stuff 3 training dipes, and 6 fuzzi bunz in the toilet bowl. He told me "I washed the poop!" I contd say anyuthing but "Thanks" it was just too silly.

Today is one of those lazy days, Im hungry and bored, the kids are in crankie moods and I have no clue why. All I can think is to bring them outside and let them run free. That always works.

Last night the kids enjoyed Ben and Jerrys (gotta love all natural vanilla made right here in VT) I remember when I was a kid In the summer my parents would sometimes take us on the porch to enjoy our desert. I loved it, Im not really sure why it was so much more fun I think the outdoors and quality family time is what made it a blast. So I decided to do it with my kiddos. They rarley get dissert so thats a big deal anyway. They thought it was fun but they woundent sit down. Oh well it was fun and we washed up in the sprinkley after!

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