Oct 4, 2007


Its funny to me that still after 4 years i get those butterflies in my stomach around Justin. Like tonight Im waiting for him to get home and keep thinking about how our anniversary is coming up. I dont even know how to explain what love feels like true love ya know. Its so difficult to explain. He honestly makes my heart throb. I may get annoyed and even mad at him sometimes but i always feel so stupid after like why did I just wast my time getting mad about THAT.We have not fought in a year at lest I mean yeah we bicker once in a while but havent fought for at least a year and when we did it was because fo wedding stress. Our relationship is so wonderful I am so happy with him and my family and my life. I feel like I am so lucky. When I was young I thought for sure I would never be lucky enough to find a man who loved me and respected me. I thought I would grow old alone and maybe be lucky to have a child or two.
No I have my husband and my two kids my life is so wonderful. I am so happy. I hate to go on and on but Im really just trying to get my feelings out of my head. I love telling him sweet things, leaving him notes for in the morning, and even cooking him dinner. I love doing things for him because I want to spoil him when I can. He is a wonderful man. I know I choose well.

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