Jul 30, 2007

When I Play I Am Learning
Learning Through Play
when I paint at the easel, I am learning… to develop my imagination and creativity. eye-hand coordination, helpful for learning to write. the names of colors and how to make new colors. to distinguish shapes, and purposely create shapes. to notice patterns from background, necessary for learning to read. to express my feelings and ideas. that my ideas have value. relationships of space and size, necessary for mathematics. concepts of symmetry, balance and design.When I play with Playdough, I am learning… to see the shape against the background of the table, a reading skill. concepts of shapes, relative sizes, big, small, length, height, etc. to see negative space when cookie cutter shapes are taken away. to express feelings, squeezing and pounding. to exercise my imagination and creativity. that the amount of a substance remains the same, even when the shape changes.When I play with water, I am learning… that some things sink and some things float. to observe changes as water takes different form in different containers. about different temperatures. about wet, dry, and evaporation. what happens when you add soap. eye-hand coordination as I learn to pour. concepts of empty and full, volume and weight, relevant to mathematics.When I sort things, I am learning… to notice details and similarities and differences in objects. to form categories, essential concepts for reading and mathematics. concepts of color, size and shape. numerical concepts or more and less. logical reasoning.

Jul 26, 2007

my woodchuck night!

So i forgot to talk about my woodchuck night. It was a great surprise to me.

I went out for drink with Ann and my mom, I know that sounds stupid but they really are a blast to go out with. Anyway I got 2 rum and cokes I dont know what they got dident really care. we were talking and having fun then my second drink was gone, the bartender came over and asked if we wanted more I said I would love a woodchuck but I dont want to pay $4.00 for it (I dident realize it was off the tap if I did I would get it) anyway he said to me "ya know the woodchuck guys are here having a meeting Ill go get them" so they came over and talked to me for a while and bought me a woodchuck of tap!!!! It was better then ever so fresh and yummy! I even got a super awsome woodchuck cup. Pretty sad that it made me so happy but if you knew how much I loved the beer you would understand. sure wish I had one now. lol

Jul 25, 2007

where have i been....

Gosh I dont even know really I havent been too many places. Ive just been spending all my freetime on mdc goota love those ladies!!!! I have been searching for a new sling i need one so bad mine is starting to hurt because it has no padding- i have a few in mind that i want just dont have the money- donations welcom- just kidding.

Anyway we really have been chilling at home a lot latley playing outside in the pool, going for walks by the river, playing in the park. Just having fun really. I love the relaxation of summer. We are now planning a camping trip I am so excited. I miss camping. I love waking up to the birds and sweating from the hot sun beating on my tent. I love the challenge of cooking food over the fire and playing cards in the dark. I love nature and I really cant wait to figure out when we are going! I bet the kids will love it too. We are planning on going for a hike with them while we are out (even more of a need for a new sling). Id love for the kids to go camping they have only been camping at campersville and thats not what i call camping. I dont get how people call camping in a metal box with a tv a toilet and electricty is camping. anyway im excited to go!

Jul 14, 2007

Crap to say

I know I havent written in a while I keep thinking about it but never can think of what to say.

I finished knittin Lily's tank top! I did not use any pattern I just tried figured it out myself decreasing when i though i should it ended up fittin perfectly!

heres a pic...

I also made a matching headband that took me about 20 min's id show a pic if she would keep it on her head. I just did a plain knit stich on the whole thing and co only 5 sitches because I knew she would not keep it on. Now i have to find something else to knit, Ive been working a lot latley on scrapbooking our vacation to Maine so I I havent knit in a few days.

Tonight my parents went to a James Taylor concert so Im watching marissa and dylan overnight. They sure are busy kids. I expected Marissa to give me a hard time sleeping but she feel asleep first and Gavin wouldent sleep. He got out of bed knocked down the gate in the doorway and went in our room and woke up Marissa, ahh. He ended up staying up till almost 10 maybe he will let me sllep in tomorrow. with my luck marissa will wake up at 7 and he will sleep till 10. Other then that Gvain is doing good in his new bed, he has not gotten out of it too much just a few times.

well its getting late... maybe next time ill have more to say.....

Jul 4, 2007

The third anniversary

As kids, we lived together, We fought, we laughed, we cried. We did not always show the love, that we both had inside.We shared our dreams and plans, and some secrets too. All the memories we share, Is what bonds me now to you.We grew to find we have a love, that is very strong today. It’s a love shared by our family, that will never fade away.

My dear brother you shall never know,
Never know how much I loved you,
Never know what you meant to me,
My dear brother if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be who I am,
When I lost you I lost a part of me,
When i lost you I lost my chance,
My chance to tell you of my love for you,
I wish I could have just one day back,
One day to tell you the things I need to say,
One day to tell you that your are more then a brother,
You my brother are the best friend I shall ever have,
One day to tell you that you are missed,
Missed more then I could ever miss another,
I wish for this one day,
But I know it shall never come,
So I must whisper these words into the wind,
And hope it carries them to you,
Listen to the wind my brother,
For it shall be my voice,
My voice telling you I love you.