Sep 24, 2007

my search is over

I have been searching for such a long time for a bag to store my knitting in when i take it places as i often do. I cant believe the prices or the beauty of some of the bags out there I've seen them at over 150$ wow. But i finally found a bag that is affordable and that I love. It will certanly be added to my christmas list- hint hint everyone!

heres the link it the bag down. I want it in the maroon patchwork madras it is so pretty. mext ill be looking for a needle case to go with it maybe that site has a matching one- he he the joys of knitting! link -->Denim Patchwork Madras

Sep 22, 2007

good times

here are the kids gavin at 15 months and now lily at 15 months i swear i did not plan this it just happened!

My new addition!

check it out - if you click the picture you can see it better

this is the second time ive gotten my lip pierced for some reason i just love it. took it out the frist time because Justin said he dident like it now he says it sexy GO FIGURE

Sep 8, 2007


Yes we have been busy- let me start by saying Ouch I broke my tail bone aw eek back trying to teach Lily how to do a somersault. I know I know such a simple thing but i ended up not going straight and went and slammed my ass end right into the metal bar on the pack and play. so lets just say it hurts and I'm sitting on one of those donut pillows feeling like an idiot. I finally went to the Dr. after incredible pain Tuesday and she told me tail bones have to break themselves again in order to heal right. All I can say is ouch.

So in better news I got my mei tai and love it. well worth every penny this is a picture of me trying it out....
Here is another picture of Gavin and I digging for dinosaur bones at echo however in this pic you cant see Gavin. echo is another place we went this week. While there I fell in love with the tomato frog if you have never see one look it up they are SO cool and move like humans however humans don't normally hop but you get the point.
so here is a picture of Gavin diggingwe also went to the farmers market and got some scrumptious food! Spent about $30 but its well worth it Look at those tomatoes.

as for knitting I have been working of a few things fruits and veggies for the kids play kitchen for Christmas and a kimono for Gavin I will also make a matching one for Lily! So keep checking for knitting photos coming soon!

Sep 4, 2007

not much to say

i sit here tonight writing while my dear husband is behind me playing tom petty on the guitar it sounds so pretty he makes me so proud. I never write about him but as I sit here and all I can do is think of him. He really is a sweet man. He the man that cant leave without a kiss or end a phone call in a fight, hes the man i cant leave on the couch if he falls asleep before i go to bed. I love this man. We have been married for almost a year now, our relationship is now stronger then it ever was before. I am so happy we are doing so great. Before we got married I really was worried we would be miserable in our life but I still went on and married him. now i realize all that doubt was just wedding worries and stress. He truley is my best friend and a super bed buddy (he he). crap he turned of the lights better hop in bed. be back another time.

we will be starting pre k homeschool on monday sept. 10th!