Jul 25, 2007

where have i been....

Gosh I dont even know really I havent been too many places. Ive just been spending all my freetime on mdc goota love those ladies!!!! I have been searching for a new sling i need one so bad mine is starting to hurt because it has no padding- i have a few in mind that i want just dont have the money- donations welcom- just kidding.

Anyway we really have been chilling at home a lot latley playing outside in the pool, going for walks by the river, playing in the park. Just having fun really. I love the relaxation of summer. We are now planning a camping trip I am so excited. I miss camping. I love waking up to the birds and sweating from the hot sun beating on my tent. I love the challenge of cooking food over the fire and playing cards in the dark. I love nature and I really cant wait to figure out when we are going! I bet the kids will love it too. We are planning on going for a hike with them while we are out (even more of a need for a new sling). Id love for the kids to go camping they have only been camping at campersville and thats not what i call camping. I dont get how people call camping in a metal box with a tv a toilet and electricty is camping. anyway im excited to go!

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