Sep 19, 2008

I have moved my blog to for all my lovey readers please join me there!

Sep 18, 2008

Ive been getting addicted to dishcloth knitting again here's another

As you can tell I ran out of the main color but that was fine with me, its a great way to destash the green was a tiny ball of scraps that now is just about nothing only good for stuffing a toy.
Now I have started another dishcloth this time it will be pink and with have a heart saying love to knit! Then who knows what Ill knit I do however need to start knitting for winter that is quickly approaching.

Sep 13, 2008

I have been really busy. Its been a while since Ive show off what Ive been doing sorry for that. I made a kimono for Gavin thinking it would be cute with a long sleeved shirt under it but I don't even like it enough to block it. Its just too bulky but the point was I was trying to use up the yarn because I don't really like it. This will most likely end up in my etsy store
This hat I made for myself also another bulky yarn given to me. I hate bulky yarn but I love this hat. Its simple and easy.
I also made a hat for Lily. I don't know why I choose this color because it does not match her winter stuff but I like it anyway and the color looks good on her!
And finally two washcloths. I love this simple pattern it knits up corner to corner which makes it a little more interesting and the yarn overs make the cool design on the edges. These are for a man named Chris who I am swapping with. Hes giving me a bunch of acrylic yarn so I can make stuff for the ICU. Ive always wanted to I hope this will give me more determination to get it done. They did so much for us Id love to give back to them!
So there they are my finished objects. I'm currently working on another washcloth that I need to get done asap because I have a knit along starting the 16Th for another one. I am trying to up my washcloth stash as I am always running out. I'm also working on a hat for Justin (my husband) but I cast on more stitches and now I'm afraid its going to be too big for his head. I might just be gifting it to my brother Matt for x-mas luckily he has a big head. Sorry Matt. That's all for now!

Sep 12, 2008

what kind of squash is this?

I figured it out its a pattypan squash now- what to do with them

she knit what....

I was shocked when I found Lauren Porters work online If you haven't seen it you must check it out she knit a toilet and a sink, and even a Ferrari!

Sep 11, 2008

Well Ive finally started the tedious task of cleaning the craft closet. I opened up my yarn tote and found a big mess, tangled yarn, yarn ends all over, labels, and a few needles. What did I do. It took me a about an hour to tighten the yarn ends and tape them on the skein so they dont do this again then I re organized the tote and made it look nice. I have a separator in the bin to keep natural fibers alone but I'm pretty sure I need a new big and the natural fibers side is filling up and I'm getting a yarn donation of acrylic Sunday. So I can knit a bunch of hats for the babies in ICU. Anyway this picture shows some of the yarn ends and just pieces and small balls i will never use that I will never use. Not much i know but I was glad to get rid of it.

On another not a few days ago the kids and I did a bug hunting adventure and I never posted the pictures. We had a blast finding bugs, catching them in our jar, looking at them with out magnifying glass and releasing them. Well all but 1 (my frog was hungry).
So here are a few picture of the kids exploring which is so exciting to watch!

Gavin was inspecting the grass looking for grass hoppers with were everywhere. We did end up catching a baby one boy they are hard to catch. But they are fascinating and have such a powerful jump.
Here is just one of the bug we caught. I wish i knew what kind of spider this was. We also caught a bee, a beetle, and a moth. Then we came home and drew pictures of what we saw.
More on the cleaning coming soon.

Sep 7, 2008

Ahhh Decluttering Feels Wonderful!

Today I woke up sick but to be honest I should say I went to bed sick first. Yesterday I did not feel well all day. Its my stomach, just fells yucky and a bit painful. So anyway I woke up the same way and it really bummed me out. However being a mother of two I can never just hang out and relax, I just cant. Not that My husband wont let me because he kept telling me to lay down but because there is always so much to do. I mean I hear a mothers job never ends but gosh its just so true.
So anyway today I started a mission I decided I am going to get rid of 100 things in my home. I need to give away, throw away, recycle, free cycle, or otherwise remove from my home by the end of the day. I kept track of each item as it went. I'm so proud of myself and I think my husband was shocked. So I started by taking my daughters crib down and putting her in her big girl bed (i took the top bunk of the bunk bed down for her) then I proceeded to clean the kids room which is really what started it all.
So here is the crib with all the stuff that left my house today

and the wagon full of it all (almost) on its way out

And here is the list
1-a sock
2-the crib (still in my dining room but leaving soon to thee in laws house)
3- crib mattress
4-dirt from the kids bedroom floor
5-broken toy (that Gavin tried to keep)
6-xylophone toy (he tried to keep this too)
7-white vest
8-crib sheet
9-Justin's sweater
10- another of Justin's sweaters
11-tie-die onsie (to be turned into cloth toilet paper tonight)
12-halter top
13-cloth swim diaper
14-cord coat
15-ugly dress
16-ripped book (thanks Lily for helping me get rid of this one)
17-batman ring
18-um a secret something from my undie drawer
19- another battery operated secret from the undie drawer
20-28- 8 crochet washcloths
29-35- 6 pairs of Lily's too shoes (the girls got too many)
37-38-football cards
39-call of crappy acrylic yarn
40-another secret
41-burts bee's hand repair cream
42-bra straps
43-another sock
44-tank top
45-broken picture frame
46-deck of cards
47-a few magazines
48-thomas pillow
49-broken dragonfly nightlight
50-57- clothing items
59-leather pouch
60-pic frame
61-pic frame
62-pile of newspaper
63-gift bag
65-leather bag
67-cd case
68-vacation guide
69-cell phone box
70-72- bag of fabric scraps
73-moisture cream
75-knit dino
76-80- bowling pins
81-toy truck
82-reuseable coffee filter
85-another bag
88-dvd player
89-portable dvd player
90-95-vhs movies
97-something mysterious (i just dont know what it was)
98-cleaning chart
99-toy rake
100-play stand

so what do you think dident i do a great job!

Sep 6, 2008

Aren't these just so cool. I found this website where you can print the template to make animals just like this and all you need is paper! There are a few more animals to add to the farm! I love the Giraffe! Hope these keep you busy.

Sep 5, 2008

Pure Embarrassment

Well I have to do it. Let me just say this has not always been this way. I used to have this under control, organized, clean, and well gorgeous but I had to take the shelf out for something more useful and now I'm just stuck on what to do here. So please look at these picture with no disgust but with pity as i have a ton of work to do and no clue where to start.

But before you see them just know the reason I am letting you in on my dirty secret is because I'm appalled by it and I need to make a change. I feel if I let the world know my secret I will be more apt to change the sick reality (keep in mind the rest of my house is very clean and I'm not just saying that).

This my readers is my craft closet. wonderful things come from here but you would never know it from looking at the mess. I need organization fast. So this week that is my task to figure out what to do here and make it organized and well orderly.

On another note I made these yesterday

because I listed them as a link for you guys. I thought they were oh so cool

and they are but for some reason I just cant get mine to look good. Well as good as everyone else. But here they are anyway

There not too bad I'm going to make a place to hang the kids art work with them Ill show you that when its done. Maybe you will have better luck making them if so let me know!

Sep 3, 2008

tutorial for the bored

I know Some days I go through a craft funk. I have a period of time where I don't know what to make here are a few things I love! Each is a click able link bringing you to the tutorial.

Lazy day skirt

Christmas Card Basket

cardboard spaceship

stamp pad ink recipe

new and improved whiteboard

redecorate clothespins