Dec 28, 2007


here is my list for 2008
cleaning/declutter - cut everything down to by 50% (excluding yarn-lol)
organize closets and keep them that way
go through file cabnet and toss the junk

simple cleaning: do dishes daily
wash floors once a week
make my bed daily

start preschool homeschool on jan 8th
research more about longtearm homeschooling

buy better quality things so i dont have to re buy things or buy a few of the same
buy homemade make homemade
start a work at home store online by selling my knit and sewn items and paper crafts
stop buying things with only 1 use or limited use

for the enviroment
figure out how to compost in my small no yard apopartment (for low cost)
stop buying disposable razors
when i print patterns do lose them and reprint (start a pattern binder)
knit more dishcloths so justin stops using papertowels (thanks dad (gary) but we dont need them)
find a use for all those greeting cards ive been given (turn them into something cool)

****things Ive compleated*****

-cleaned filing cabnet
-cleaned out downstairs closet and donated and threw out a lot

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