Mar 29, 2008

how to keep a toddler busy

To me this is evil, wicked, and rude. Why you ask?
It steels my son from me, teaches him things he really shouldn't know, and aids in his famous act of ignoring me. So here are a few tips on how to get this monster to stay off....
First build a tent in the living room. I promise it will result in hours of imaginative play.
Then Invite over someone with 3 boys and then tell all the kids "I don't care, make a mess" it will result in this
But, they had fun! Next break out the mighty octopus and a barrel of play dough and let them create, wonderful things will result.
And finally end the day with rice! Fill up that water or sand box with rice and yup bring it on in out of the cold and let it flow through their fingers all will enjoy. Don't worry about the mess it is so worth it.

and what keep the TV off for good ol mom? Knitting another washcloth mindless knitting that turn out to be oh so useful!

Mar 28, 2008

Thats my final answer

So together we decided that yes our children will be homeschooled! I am so happy. They will also be doing some public school but only a few things like physicay education, music, and maybe another.
My children diserve the best and I personally feel that homeschooling is that the best. I will post more about the subject in days to come but for now im off to bed.

Mar 26, 2008

Lily got her first haircut!

I cut her hair so it is all even and grows even. It looks great and is so healthy! I fixed it up even better after the pictures were taken but I thoght this would give people an idea.

Mar 21, 2008

quick note for the day

This quitting smoking things is so cool i went 6 1/2 hours without a cigarette. It makes me so proud!

So today I say to myself "thank you self, for not smoking"

Mar 20, 2008


Being a child is such an amazing thing. Their little minds just go go go. This is Gavin's "water park" fully equipped with water falls, sprayers, spinners, and shooters. Who knew you could turn a pile of magnetic blocks into a water park?
I wish I could just forget all my worries, put down my todo list and imagine the way his little mind does.

Today was an interesting day as soon as I woke up I was on the move. Making sausage while Justin made eggs and fired potatoes then laundry and a complete overhaul of the kids room. Those kids have so many toys, I know everyone says it but its so true. The worst part, when ever i go through their stuff, I say to myself oh i should knit such and such to go with that and by the time I'm done I have 5 knew knitting projects. After cleaning their room I was off to fold and put away all that laundry ugh. I cant wait for the yucky weather to go away so I can get my stuff back out on the line. I cant begin to tell you how excited I am to have clothes smell like the lake. Did you know the lake had a smell, its so yummy! I love living here!

So here is my new project,

yup not to far I know but I just started it so give me a break. I'm making Gavin a hoodie for the cool days of summer. I keep making things for sweet Lily and feel so bad because I just have no clue what to knit Gavin besides hats and winter stuff and I'm so sick of winter and all the "stuff" that goes along with it. Anyway I'm not at all crazy about this yarn but Gavin picked it out. I like letting him pick because he is much more likely to actually wear the finished product. Ill keep you posted!

Mar 15, 2008

The more the better... right

Well Ive been crafting so much I don't know what I have anymore. I went thought my stuff and found things I didn't have posted. Like these lovely tags...

I remember making them and loving them as much as I still do but I never posted them on etsy. Whats wrong with me. I guess I am too unorganized.

I also found this... I love the colors of this yarn is it 100% cotton yarn I got from a local shop and when I look at it it makes me want to buy 5 more skeins of it. It would be a lovely summer tank or even skirt for Lily. She hates skirts thought so I might have to make a tank with it. That reminds me, I'm in the process of making a tank for my etsy shop I thought long and hard about what people might want for summer and when knitting is you hobby that's hard to do. So i realized I love all the tanks I have made my daughter so why wouldn't others love them for theirs right?

So anyway my task for the week... get organized! I need to figure out some way to organize that mess of a craft closet that works. I need to be able to open the door and know exactly where my orange sissors and red buttons are! So tomorrow I will begin. I will be taking before and after pictures so that way I know I have to prove myself!

Mar 13, 2008

the new scrubbie

I forgot to show off my scrubbies they are available in my shop

I love thes cute little things they do so much to read more about them just visit my shop!

This says it all


Mar 9, 2008

Holy Crap

no really HOLY CRAP

She is doing it, using the potty. I cant believe it. She peed and pood in the potty! This is the second day she has done this and I have not been asking her too!! Is she really ready?!

I did it....