May 1, 2007

my uneventful day

today was a low key day- we woke up at 9 yes i said 9 my kids treat me well! anyway we all got dressed and ate french toast yummy, and got ready to go I put the kids in the stroller and walked to wic up the huge hill all by myslef can you believe it - i know i cant eather. anyway Lily got weightd and came in at a wopping 18 pounds 8 oz! wow. and Gavin came in at 24 so evern after that terrible sickenss he had hes only one pound lighter. Lilys iron level was a little low but it could just say that because her platlets make her blood thin.

After wic we walked home and ate lunch my yummy baked ziti and italian sausage (leftovers) and the kids mowed it down just as fast as i did. then the took a nap because they were crankie and it was pushing 12:30.

after nap we played outside (i knitted while they played) and then played with stamps while daddy napped (he hasent had much sleep latley with the 3 jobs) and then we went out for dinner! yes i know we are not supposed to be spending money but scott paid justin a lot more then we thought he would so we figured it was ok- he he then we went grocery shopping.

Now i have a load of laundry soaking in the sink im getting ready to ring them out and hang them boy oh boy do i love the smell of hand washed laundry when i take it off the line!


Mizpah said...

Sounds lovely! I didn't know you knit. I'm making a scarf right now, that I really should post pictures of on my blog. I mean I've had it for over a week, and have yet to make a first post! You're so much better at this than I. :) I made a pouch sling and a mei tai today. And have been cleaning the car and packing for an overnight trip to see the grandparents. I also had that lovely smell today, I washed playsilks and my grocery bags by hand. Rainy here today (we REALLY need it!). Talk to you when I get back! Mizpah

Corri Taylor said...

yes i knit! i am making a blanket right now my next project will be socks for the kids for next winter im planning on making all the socks they will need. I also want to kane them winter hats. I figure if i sart soon they will all be ready! ive been trying to learn to sew better i want to make shirts and pants for the kids i might attempt that soon. if so ill post pictures- my sewing machine is a piece of crap though so i might have to do it by hand for a bit till i can afford a new one :( have a fun time! talk to you when u get back