May 3, 2007

blanket for lily

My blanket for lily- here it is this is 3 days of work many more days of wokr to go but so far i think it looks great!


gary taylor said...

Hey Corri,I know you have talent but what you do not have is a lot of free time with our grand babies being so active.Thats what I love about you how you find the time to do all the things with your babies,justin and house work,you are a great mom.
love ya

Corri Taylor said...

thanks Gary- I really try to keep up with my crafts and all the things that make me well me. I am still corri and I dont want to loose what I love because i have children. I knit or read when we go out to play- i scrapbook at night (when the printer works) and whatever else i usually do at night or when they nap. things take longer but thats ok!