May 3, 2007

its a love hate relationship

Yes it is true I love liveing in a place we can easily afford with a great big yard and playground. I love that Im in vergennes, I like many of my neighbors (at least the ones next to me) but i cant stand all the rules.
Today we got a letter telling us everything has to be inside no toys outside, only patio chairs. Thankfully I do clean up all the toys when they play and put them in our storage bin but are they now going to give me crap about the laundry line?
Gosh we need our own house I really hope this house comes through for us and soon. It looks like we will get it but its not 100% certain yet. We just need our own place where I can have a garden and a laundry line and a compost and not have to worry. I want to be able to have the sand box where ever the hell i want and im sick and tired of people watching every move we make!

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