May 16, 2007

crappy day

we started off with playgroup today which was amazingley relaxing. both the kids wanted nothing to do with me which i admit I loved ( i know that sounds bad but im sure you parents understand) It was strange thought because Gavin usually klings to me during half of it. he dident even want to eat snack with me. Im glad thought because he is finally starting to want to play with other kids!

Today he actully talked back to me i was cutting him a piece of sausage for breakfast and he said hotdog and i said not it is sausage and he replied by saying "i said that" ummm no he deffinatley dident. smart ass. lol can you tell hes full blown 2.

anyway at playgroup there were 2 newborns and they were so amazing. i love when they are so tiny and just compleatly depend on you and love you. Childern are amazing. I want another baby deffinatley If i had the patients Id get pregnant but I know better. Ill wait at leats 6 months- lol just kidding. Ill wait till lily's at leats 2 well i cant even say that for sure- but i better find something to keep me busy so i dont think about one because i know i should wait. im just impatient and when i think of something i want it NOW.

I did a lot of knitting today but kept changing my plan and unraveling what i had done. now i am halfway done a baby bib im making for a friend. then ill make one for lily just fo rthe hell of it. i kinda got bored with her blanket so im taking a break from it. I get bored with big projects easily.

So lily's birthday is monday im excited it should be fun i cant believe shes 1. wow that went fast - she is such a joy- gosh it is wild how much love you can have for kids. I oredered her birthday bracelet but she prolly wont have it in time :( now i just have to convince justin that getting her ears pirced is worth 32$ i really think she would look amazing with them i know if i had the money he would let her get them. but of course i dont :( oh well- she is beautiful anyway! I THINK I AM VERY CONCIEDED about how pretty she is. lol

well better head to bed its late.

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