May 11, 2007

today was fun, went to my moms and matt came. I havent seen him in a while so it was nice to see him. Gvain played the whole time on the pourch with tami, kira, dylan, and marissa in the sand and water table and lily and I stayed in because she kept eating the sand.

Tomorrow Stephanie (best friend) is getting married! Im very excited for her - I know how fun it is and I know that I am so proud to be married and that she will be too. My mom is going to watch Lily for us so we are only taking Gavin I thought he'd like to play with Hailey (steph's daughter) and Its easier for us to only take 1. Just because Lily can be a handful and theres no place for her to sit really.

What else is going on? umm my cats in heat again, im almost done lilys blanket and already thinking of 10 hundred other things to make like more cloth diapers, washcloths, socks, you name it its on my list.

My mom bought us tickets to the balloon and music fest and to see the immiganation movers which i think are annoying but im sure gavin will like them. im excited about the fest though should be fun!

we are not going to the dan zanes concert because its going to cost us 71$ and we cant afford to spend that kind of money :( yeah im bummed but I know we need to save.
Well Im going to order Lily's braclet now for her 1st b-day present!!!! can believe shes 1 wow!

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