May 5, 2007

strange but true

ok im offering some facts about me that some people dont know just kind of a fun thing ffor you to read maybe you will learn something...

1. I hate lasaguna
2. I love Franie Lymon (thanks dad)
3. I hate pink floyd (sorry gary)
4. I hand wash all of our laundry and make the soap
5. i refuse to eat prepackaged lunch meat
6. I fight global warming
7. I love to color just as much as gavin
8. I regret not fully breastfeeding both my kids
9. I dont ever want a dog (but I know ill have one someday)
10. I still pretend gus is alive
11. I love to collect book (ok childrens books)
12. i am obsessed with greys anotomy and am not ashamed to say it
13. i let gavin have a blankie because i still have one (ever seen my quilt)
14. I use cloth toilet paper (bet you never knew that) and i even wash it by hand too
15. I love to cook
16. I take gavin and lily for trash walks and we clean up the neighborhood
17. I can play piano not great but i can
18.I have been beggin for a new sewing machine
19. I want 4 or more kids and I want to start the third soon
20. I hate competive sports
21. I miss skiing
22. I am madly inlove (with my husband)
23. I never want a "real job" lol

ok thats enough for know maybe all add lists like this once in a while i thoght it might be intresting. let me know if you learnd anything new

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