May 5, 2007

nothing better to do

its cold outside - it shouldent be but its bumming me out I was gonna go for a walk with the kids but I cant bare to so instead i sit inside and make useless things and dance around with the kids. Its fun dont get me wrong I just wish we could be outside. Gavin is at my feet right now playing cars thats all he ever wants to do anymore and he keeps asking for more and more cars I guess he can never get enough. Ill have to buy him about 400 more to keep him satisfied for 3 weeks. lol. Lily is sleeping right now. She has been very fussy latley must be the fact that she just got 3 more teeth thats 7 now pretty crazy! took her a while to get 1 now they wont stop coming. anyway i made a toy for the kids to day a piece of play fruit for their play kitchen Gavin thinks he can peel it open and i freak cuz i dont want him to ruin it. Iv never made anything like this so dont tease me on it. Im not %100 satisfied but i thought i did ok since i did it without my sewing machine and without a pattern.

well i guess I better find something to do- im turning into a bum without my redbull or a soda I feel lazy.

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Mizpah said...

It's adorable!