Aug 28, 2008

Wall Art how to

I'm sick of looking at my white walls. Living in an apartment and not being able to paint drives me well NUTS. If I had it my way every wall would be a different color well OK every room. But for now I have to improvise. Since I'm broke Ive been trying to figure out how to decorate my walls first I did the recycled art now this...

I had this vision of it in my head last night and just had to make it. So here's how you do it
First you need sturdy cardboard I used a cardboard box, you also need yarn and any kind will do, an exacto knife, a hot glue gun, hot glue and time.
Now figure out how big you want your circles, I traced around a large cup. The you make the inside circle and cut them out.

When you have them all done then you can start wrapping yarn. First attach the yarn with hot glue i used tape to show you where to attach it but you cant even see it in the picture.

now just start wrapping the yarn not too tight but now too loose I did not want it floppy looking but you should do it how you like.

you can wrap on loosely and then tighten them to your desired tension after a few wraps.

and just keep wrapping, this takes patients and a bit of time but stick to it!

I used variegated yarn for mine I love how the colors change. Make sure not to twist the yarn it needs to line up or it will look wonky. Here's a bad wrap.

So now you have to attach a piece of string so you can have them hanging together. just pick the length you want mine are about 3 inches apart and glue the string on make sure to do this before
you done wrapping to create a neater look. This will end up being the middle of the piece.

To join them you have to glue on the other end of this string to the next ring then start wrapping continue doing this until you have as many rings as you want done. That's it! Now hang and enjoy!!! Id love to see pictures so If you do this please give me a link to the picture!


Shalana Frisby said...

good job! This is a nice tutorial with great photos as well :)

April Horsman said...

neat idea!

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

I loved your tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

LeaKarts said...

What a cute project!

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

very cool- looks like fun