Aug 16, 2008

5 things you dident know about me

1- I'm lazy. Yes I sure am. I sometimes get big bursts of energy and get so much done but lately I'm just plain lazy. I know its not a thing to brag about and believe me IM NOT. I don't enjoy that Ive been this way, and honestly I feel bad for the kids and the house. Ive been such a bum. My kids usually get out of the house to do something at least 3 times a week and the house is moderately clean so im not terribly lazy but I sometimes wish I were that super mom that had a blast with the kids and had a spotless house and a wonderful homemade dinner. It will never happen and if it does it only last a week and there goes the house again.

2- I need my nap- my kids have been on nap strike for a few days lately and I'm going crazy I need sleep too. I know if i went to bed earlier i would not be so tired but no matter what that time of day im a blob even if I was my lazy self during the morning.

3- I hate white shoes- I know this is a really dumb fact but i was looking at my white walls thinking how much I hate them and it made me think of white shoes. Oh how i loathe them. I mean why would anyone want them. "hey look at my new shoes" kinda people I guess. I don't know. I have to say my husband is a white shoe guy and it drives me nuts he has 2 pairs of identical white shoes (he got them each for 8 dollars) and I hate them. My son has a pair of white sneakers and I never let him wear them, is that bad? Well I think the reason there is because they are the kind that light up and have a big cartoon on the side (Thomas the train) anyway the point is I hate white shoes. Period.

4- I love junk food- though I know how bad they are for me I just cant get enough, waffle fries, burgers, fired chicken, nachos, oh the list goes on. The funny thing is im so picky about ingredients. The burger must be turkey (sometimes ill eat beef but its very very rare) the waffle fries must be cajun with cheese on them the nachos must be veggie. Oh junk food how I love thee.

5- I cant sleep without beer- another very bad thing only half true though. I can sleep without having a beer at night but for some reason it takes me forever to fall asleep. It annoys me that this is true but i think I have gotten so used to that beer ever night that when I don't drink one I just can get my mind to stop thinking so much. Seriously I think about 25 things over and over at night and it keeps me up. I would say that's a form of adhd wouldn't you.

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