Aug 27, 2008

Trash Can Woes- Painting a trash can

Ill bet your wondering what that is right. I love it Looks like wild and crazy graffiti to me! So this is my trash can. The kids and I decided to give it a face lift. I mean come on who came up with the idea to have a white trash can anyway. I was sick of it looking so dirty all the time no matter how many times I washed it and no matter what I washed it with. So we got creative! I set up acrylic paints in a few different colors and we had a blast the kids really loved this project and to be honest I did too. I wish I had more trash cans to "decorate" So here's the finished product.

I was a bit worried about how tacky it would look in our kitchen or how much it might stand out, but I think it looks cool! The best part is that the kids were so proud of it when their dad got home they were so excited to show him what they had done. SO go ahead get crazy and paint your trash can!!


Sedie said...

That is a pretty cool idea!

w said...

it looks like you and the kids had a bunch of fun!

Chi-Chi said...

:) I love it!!