Aug 14, 2008

ok so i joined scoutle and have NO clue what to do now i want to make my chances of points and views great so those of you on scoutle tell me what to do im clueless!

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Godfried (Scoutle) said...

Hi there!

Good to see you joined us, welcome!

Points are calculated and cannot be changed. Points are relative, we compare all blogs ever couple of minutes and recalculate points for every single blog.

We use number of visits and length of stay but also the opinion of our other users.

All automated. Make sure your Scout meets interesting Scouts by listing your blog in the right (sub)category and networks. Also, the number of Connections you have are used.

The new version of Scoutle, planned September 8, will be a lot easier to understand, I promis!

Thanks again for joining us.

Kind regards,

Godfried (Scoutle)