Aug 8, 2008

Its amazing How one person can hate clutter but love stuff. Sounds funny I know but that's me. I absolutely hate clutter and could never be the kind of person to collect wicker baskets or little figures. The idea of collecting amazes me all the effort, money, time its just all so intriguing. But I could never allow myself to do it, never. Its too much useless stuff (in my mind) I just think if it has no really purpose why keep it, I also like to have things that serve more then one purpose and to me looking at a collection of lighthouses just does not do it for me.

However, I have tons of stuff and the more i get rid of it never seems to make much change. I mean in the moment of decluttering it is noticeable but a month later not so much. One huge example if my craft closet I have cleaned that 3 times in the 6 months we've live in this apartment and its still overflowing and unorganized. Will I ever get that right? So OK I admit it I do collect crafts such as fun pattern paper, stamps, yarn, and junk that can be made into things, my scrapbooking has been halted because of the enormous need of stuff for that hobby. But since i have so many crafts I do (now Ive added sewing) i have no way to truly organize it all. At least not in my small space.

The point of this post is to show you how much i have been decluttering lately because I'm feeling good about it! I started in that disaster craft closet but no pictures were taken of that because I'm afraid to show anyone. Seriously I don't know how I find anything in there. Maybe that's why I never put anything back..
So next I moved to the kids room to be honest I rarely clean it I just don't see the point. Most days ill maneuver a broom around in there to get up any crumbs and trash but that's about it. So i finally got fed up and started the enormous task of cleaning it. So here is the final result
the rug was taken out for some fun later in the day! Now it was nap time and it was much needed but it never happened instead i found this (keep in mind that we just cleaned the room)
But ya know it always works that way doesn't it. See I was going to say the clean room would last a few days because everyone knows it never lasts. well in my case It lasted through lunch and well that's about it. Poor me. So we gave up on nap time I was busy and had mind set on cleaning. So we all jumped in the bathtub and started stomping on the laundry. It was in rinse mode. So we all jumped around and got soaked but it was productive fun! I think the kids were surprised I was letting them do it but I was in such a great mood and wanted them to have fun while working. Once we rinsed I left the laundry there for a few Min's and came back only to find Gavin and Lily had dumped shampoo all over the clothes, ugh back to rinsing. Then we hung them out to dry
And scrubbed the rug that was fun too the kids really enjoyed it i don't know how much my downstairs neighbors did but they did and our rug is clean so I'm happy too!
So all in all it was a busy day at home and a fun one at that! and ya know what i think ill do it again tomorrow!

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