Jan 14, 2008

Starting a new chapter

I see our life as a novel, and I want to start a new chapter in ours.

We have plans to move to Burlington, I'm very excited. There's more opportunity, experiences, and diversity. Such an exciting place I want to be part of. There are more people there "like me" and that in itself is exciting.

We have been looking at apartments, applying, and Justin's been doing a little bit of job hunting. I want to go back to school but I have changed my career path. I want to own a small business. I want to sell my own handmade clothing, knits, cards, and crafts. Its a very exciting idea. I dream about it, and how I would set it up, the things I would make and sell. If only I could start it all now.

Now its time to work towards that goal!


Chloe Haney said...

Hey there mama... I came across your blog on MDC... so you're moving to burlington eh? In Ontario? That's very close to where I live (Hamilton and just so you know there is a hamilton Attachment parenting group that is just starting to really take off here. We've started up a progressive parenting play group at this community development coop. Anyway I know it's not in burlington, but its right next door so if you want to check out the group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hamilton_AP/

Chloe Haney said...

hmm.. just found out there is a burlington vermont lol, so thats probably where you're going! so.. nevermind haha (and sorry, nak)