Jan 5, 2008

Just Think About your Impact

here you can calculate your impact on global warming. My score for our 4 person household was awesome only, 16! the average 4 person household is 22. whats yours? http://www.nature.org/initiatives/climatechange/calculator/ .

I hope this opens your eyes. Every 1 person can make a difference even if you don't think so. Think about it if you get a styrofoam container from a take out resterant instead of bringing your own reausable container it will take that styrofoam container 1 million years to decompose same with a plastic milk jug. A tin can takes 90 years while a aluminum takes 200-500 depending on the peoperties in it. So recycle and use things that are reuseable.

I cant stress enough though the styrofoam containers. 33% of waste in landfill is made up of them so why not bring your own container. Its not that hard! Also paper is 29% of the trash in landfills why was it not recycled?

As for bags at the store what do you use? Plastic bags take 50 to 80 years to decompose a paper bag takes a month that may seem like nothing a month right. But when there are 4300.000 or more a day adding to landfills thats not months anmymore thats years just to get rid of that days worth. You can buy reuseable bags at the store for a dollar. I bought mine online for about 5.50$ each but you dont have to. The great thing is the stores sometime reward you by giving you five cents back for each bag everytime you go. say you buy 8 bags and shop 3 times a month thats about 15 dollars back a year. so you earn money!

Five types of people with respect to litter:
Non-litterers - environmentally conscious, don't litter and usually pick up litter of others
Inconvenients - too hard, too much trouble, someone else's problem
Ignorants - these people are simply unaware of a link between the environment and their litter behavior
Willful Arrogants - usually litter in a context, i.e. "It's okay to litter in urban areas but not in the country"
Anti-establishments - make a statement with purposeful littering

think about it

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