Jan 28, 2008

100 things about me!

100- I stay up later the my husband most night (like tonight)
99-I really do love Dan Zanes more then my kids
98- I am scared of the dark
97-I have a freckle on my butt
96-I want dreadlocks (husband says no way)
95-I want a tattoo of my brother
94- I really don't hate all dogs
93- I have regrets
92- I regret that I have regrets
91- I would love another baby
90- But I don't think I want one enough to do it
89-I have a wart on my finger
88- and a birthmark on my leg
87- I hate my body though I used to love it
86- but I love my life
85- I never thought I marry my husband
84- getting married was the best thing I did
83- I hate that I smoke
82- when we move I'm going to start running and biking
81- this takes forever
80- i like to do fill it ins
79-I use cloth pads and cloth wipes for toilet paper
78- I'm addicted to crafting
77-I cant spell even though I thought I could
76- and I love English
75- I cant do daycare I don't have the patients
74- i whine
73-Im a brat and a bitch
72- i cant save money for shit
71- I hate football
70- I shelter my children
69- but I do whats best for them
68- Im afrade of whats in the dark
67- I cant stand clutter
66- I hate to clean
65- I love "things"
64- I used to have pink hair
63- I wish I were more crafty
62- I sleep in my undies
61- I love eggplant parm
60- I wish I had more me time
59- I have too much stuff
58- I love being barefoot
57- the only ring I cant stand to have on my finger is my wedding ring
56- I wear a blanket in bed even if it is 100 degreese
55- I am too lazy to tyep using correct grammer
54- I have a sewing maching and dont know how to use it
53- I cant wiat to move to burlington march 1st even though we will be broke
52- I should start packing
51- I sometimes nap when the kids nap
50- I used to skateboard and loved it
49- I love me time
48- I have a secret hiding place for dishes when I dont want to do them (the stove)
47- once I forgot and melted a strainer
46- I want another baby but Im afrade im too selfish
45-I regret Gavins circumcision
44- I hate the idea of my kids going to a public school
43- I wont have the time or patients to homeschool
42- I hate justins taste in music
41- I clean my house with vinegar
40- I pick up litter when we go for walks
39- we dont flush when we pee until someome poo's
38- I want to go back to school
37- how do people do this it takes forever- Ive been compiling this list for days
36- I want to learn how to crochet but knittin gtake up too much time
35- I want my etsy shop to thrive
34- I check it many times a day
33- I want to get rid of cable
32- I never want to get rid of the internet
31- I think it is sexy when Justin learns how to play songs I like on his guitar
30- I wish I could knit better
29- I wish I had more willpower to try now things
28- I need a computer desk (not a table)
27- I havte scooby doo
26- Im obsessed with jon and kate plus 8
25-I love playing cars
24- I hate having dry hads and the sound they make when people rub theirs together
23-I cant wait to go back to college
22- makeup annoys me, its so fake
21- I think stuffed animals are a waste
20- Listening to my kids talk duning naptime makes me giggle
19-listening to them fight drives me nuts
18- my cats eat too much
17- I need to change the cat litter (I can smell it)
16- Im not looking foward to packing and unpacking all this crap
15- I used to be obsessed with sublime
14- I lost my class ring the year after I got it
13- I take anxeity medicine
12- I have been refusing birth control
11- Im almost done my list!
10- I want the bigger bedroom in the new apt.
09- Our new car is SWEET
08-I think my kids are genious
07- I hate when Im upstairs and Justin calls my name
06- I still get butterflies for him sometimes
05- My family feels so small now
04- I loved most of my childhood
03- I wish we never lived in brandon
02- Im glad we dont live in jersey
01- I dont paint my nails

wow that took forever glad Im done!

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*Jess* said...

I love Dan Zanes more than my kids, too!!