Jan 26, 2008

hip chicks knit

I came across this pic. in a yarn shop online and love it (besides the fact that their legs look broken). I wish I had made it. ha ha. Anyway I wanted to share it with anyone who knits and hasn't seen it.

So lately I have been knitting (SURPRISE) like crazy I'm working on this wonderful skirt for Lily I started it 2 days ago and have it almost done which is very exciting. I only knit at night so this is fast for me. It was a little challenging at the increase row but mostly because I was counting wrong and forgetting where I was. Then I realized I was doing kfb instead of just casting on another stitch. OOPS Here is the pattern http://magknits.com/Sept07/patterns/skirtsicle.htm but I am using a different color. Now that I'm talking about it I want to work on it. Funny how addicting knitting is for me. My queue in ravlery is huge. Ill never get all those things knit in time to wear them this summer. I wish I could devote more time to knitting but if I knit too long and in the wrong lighting my eyes start twitching and I know that cant be good. Anyway I'm off to knit again night night!

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Felicia said...

Yes, their legs do look broken :) But its still very cute.