Sep 11, 2008

Well Ive finally started the tedious task of cleaning the craft closet. I opened up my yarn tote and found a big mess, tangled yarn, yarn ends all over, labels, and a few needles. What did I do. It took me a about an hour to tighten the yarn ends and tape them on the skein so they dont do this again then I re organized the tote and made it look nice. I have a separator in the bin to keep natural fibers alone but I'm pretty sure I need a new big and the natural fibers side is filling up and I'm getting a yarn donation of acrylic Sunday. So I can knit a bunch of hats for the babies in ICU. Anyway this picture shows some of the yarn ends and just pieces and small balls i will never use that I will never use. Not much i know but I was glad to get rid of it.

On another not a few days ago the kids and I did a bug hunting adventure and I never posted the pictures. We had a blast finding bugs, catching them in our jar, looking at them with out magnifying glass and releasing them. Well all but 1 (my frog was hungry).
So here are a few picture of the kids exploring which is so exciting to watch!

Gavin was inspecting the grass looking for grass hoppers with were everywhere. We did end up catching a baby one boy they are hard to catch. But they are fascinating and have such a powerful jump.
Here is just one of the bug we caught. I wish i knew what kind of spider this was. We also caught a bee, a beetle, and a moth. Then we came home and drew pictures of what we saw.
More on the cleaning coming soon.

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