Sep 7, 2008

Ahhh Decluttering Feels Wonderful!

Today I woke up sick but to be honest I should say I went to bed sick first. Yesterday I did not feel well all day. Its my stomach, just fells yucky and a bit painful. So anyway I woke up the same way and it really bummed me out. However being a mother of two I can never just hang out and relax, I just cant. Not that My husband wont let me because he kept telling me to lay down but because there is always so much to do. I mean I hear a mothers job never ends but gosh its just so true.
So anyway today I started a mission I decided I am going to get rid of 100 things in my home. I need to give away, throw away, recycle, free cycle, or otherwise remove from my home by the end of the day. I kept track of each item as it went. I'm so proud of myself and I think my husband was shocked. So I started by taking my daughters crib down and putting her in her big girl bed (i took the top bunk of the bunk bed down for her) then I proceeded to clean the kids room which is really what started it all.
So here is the crib with all the stuff that left my house today

and the wagon full of it all (almost) on its way out

And here is the list
1-a sock
2-the crib (still in my dining room but leaving soon to thee in laws house)
3- crib mattress
4-dirt from the kids bedroom floor
5-broken toy (that Gavin tried to keep)
6-xylophone toy (he tried to keep this too)
7-white vest
8-crib sheet
9-Justin's sweater
10- another of Justin's sweaters
11-tie-die onsie (to be turned into cloth toilet paper tonight)
12-halter top
13-cloth swim diaper
14-cord coat
15-ugly dress
16-ripped book (thanks Lily for helping me get rid of this one)
17-batman ring
18-um a secret something from my undie drawer
19- another battery operated secret from the undie drawer
20-28- 8 crochet washcloths
29-35- 6 pairs of Lily's too shoes (the girls got too many)
37-38-football cards
39-call of crappy acrylic yarn
40-another secret
41-burts bee's hand repair cream
42-bra straps
43-another sock
44-tank top
45-broken picture frame
46-deck of cards
47-a few magazines
48-thomas pillow
49-broken dragonfly nightlight
50-57- clothing items
59-leather pouch
60-pic frame
61-pic frame
62-pile of newspaper
63-gift bag
65-leather bag
67-cd case
68-vacation guide
69-cell phone box
70-72- bag of fabric scraps
73-moisture cream
75-knit dino
76-80- bowling pins
81-toy truck
82-reuseable coffee filter
85-another bag
88-dvd player
89-portable dvd player
90-95-vhs movies
97-something mysterious (i just dont know what it was)
98-cleaning chart
99-toy rake
100-play stand

so what do you think dident i do a great job!


Lily said...

Wow-- You've been busy! It feels so much better to declutter, doesn't it?

(now I'm off to work on one of my kids'

Get Silvered said...

Well done on the massive declutter.
Great achievement!

grace said...

Yep, you did a great job! :)
I have such a hard time parting with my belongings, but I'm in a major need of de-cluttering my house.