Sep 13, 2008

I have been really busy. Its been a while since Ive show off what Ive been doing sorry for that. I made a kimono for Gavin thinking it would be cute with a long sleeved shirt under it but I don't even like it enough to block it. Its just too bulky but the point was I was trying to use up the yarn because I don't really like it. This will most likely end up in my etsy store
This hat I made for myself also another bulky yarn given to me. I hate bulky yarn but I love this hat. Its simple and easy.
I also made a hat for Lily. I don't know why I choose this color because it does not match her winter stuff but I like it anyway and the color looks good on her!
And finally two washcloths. I love this simple pattern it knits up corner to corner which makes it a little more interesting and the yarn overs make the cool design on the edges. These are for a man named Chris who I am swapping with. Hes giving me a bunch of acrylic yarn so I can make stuff for the ICU. Ive always wanted to I hope this will give me more determination to get it done. They did so much for us Id love to give back to them!
So there they are my finished objects. I'm currently working on another washcloth that I need to get done asap because I have a knit along starting the 16Th for another one. I am trying to up my washcloth stash as I am always running out. I'm also working on a hat for Justin (my husband) but I cast on more stitches and now I'm afraid its going to be too big for his head. I might just be gifting it to my brother Matt for x-mas luckily he has a big head. Sorry Matt. That's all for now!

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